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To all future and prospective GTO Ambassadors of Sound: If you'd like to be a part of the GTO's Street Team, just fill out the information below, click submit and, baby, you're in!

To be a Street Team Member you only need to be one thing... a fan of the band.

We ask that you be GTO's eyes and ears of your city and surrounding areas by informing GTO of the best clubs to play, cool bands GTO should hook up with, commercial or college radio stations, printed or online publications/e-zines, festivals, music stores, and anything else you can think of to help out. We may also ask you to help in hanging up posters prior to a show, call or email radio stations to request GTO songs, and even let us sleep on your floor!

Anytime you have information or an idea or suggestion, just go to our contact page and contact "Street Team." Your info will go straight to the band. You may also contact our national Street Team Captain, Sean Vest, directly at StreetTeam@grasshoppertakeover.com.

As GTO remains an independent band, our street team members are our most valuable and most appreciated resource in helping GTO continue to play live and bring music to your area. Thanks for the support and sign up today!

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