In this entry, I bid you adieu with some fantastic letters that we have received from fans across the country since we began touring. Sometimes we get letters that make us laugh outloud, other times we
are inspired by you, and sometimes we're just straight-up confused. :) I wanted to share some of them with you, cuz they're such a big part of us. My personal fav is the first one right below. Take care everybody, and we'll see you soon.

Ed. Note: These letters are not edited for spelling or content.

Hey hey-

Well, I am proud to announce that I, yes me, got to see you guys at the Ranch Bowl....again. I skipped work, got fired, was running late for the show so I ran to my car got in put the sucker in reverse, slammed on the gas and ran over the neighbors dog, yeah, not a pretty picture. Anyways I finally fought my way up to the front getting a huge ass bruise on my boob, only to be pushed back to the 3rd row...*sigh*...But hey it was all worth it in the end. After the show I was so pumped that I didn't want to go home so I went with some of my friends and stupid me left my car at the Ranch Bowl...when I got back someone had broken in stole all my c.d.s, my c.d. player, my bag of clothes, and even my air freshener (those bitches, it was my favorite scent), anyways, so here I am driving home and some crazy ass lady runs a red light and hits my right side quarter panel and drives off. I only have liability on my car so I am pretty much screwed blue. But hey if I didn't get to see you guys I would actually have to say that, that would have been the worst night of my life.

Love ya guys!



I just got a birthday card from you..which i think is like the best thing that has ever happened to me. like ever. that was so awesome. i saw it in my mailbox and i about fainted on my street corner. i thought that my friends were playing some cruel joke on me since i talk about you guys all the time. but it turns out. it really was you! i just wanted to say thank you. it really means a lot to me that you cared enough to send that. once again. i just say thank you. and i love you guys and cant wait until november when i can see you again!

much love


What is the full title of your deodorant? i like the way you smell. i went to the store last night and smelled the right guard brand flavors, but all smelled too manlike. so i figure it's one of those scents that changes as it mixes with your body chemistry. so, since i couldn't try any of them on they all smelled like cologne to me.

give it up bro!


This is Jack from the Metro show.

If you don't remember me you drew a penis on my cd cover. I was just wondering where you are from? This is weird cause I have loved Korn and Limpbizkit my whole life and then there was last night when I heard you playing I changed my perspective on what good music was.I used to think that if it wasn't mainstream I wasn't good that has all changed the second you started 'sailing' i was just shocked and amazed that this music was better than the limpbizkits and korns. I bumped into you and I must have visited the guest shop 100 times trying to see you. When we started talking it was just cool. Most of my friends consider "good" bands people who are too good to hang out with the kids after the show, but you showed me that bands are just guys out to have fun and that grasshopper takeover actually cares about the fans so Please write back and I hope the touring goes well.


What's the story on James?

Is he a single guy or what? I wrote him not too long ago, inquiring on this matter, but I've heard nothing. How old might this guy be? My little sister, well not so little sister, is so intrigued by him. She is most likely the biggest GTO fan out there, and hasn't missed a show in the past few years. Any information would be a great help. Thanks and I'll be out on Friday, so will my sister.


It was very much a pleasure to meet you and your fellow ass-kickers last night. I mean it. You guys are SO kick-ass. You put a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the night. I have only had the privilege of meeting three bands thus far in my young life, you guys, The Drovers (a local Irish band my brother used to work for), and 311. The three of you are by far the coolest. It meant a ton for you to just stand there and shoot the shit with us for so long, and you were great to sign all the stuff for us....

Thanks again,


...I just wanted to thank you soooooo much. most bands are really obnoxious when you get a chance to talk to them and all three of you were so nice and personable. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and signing that cd. Karol (my friend-tall, blond, girl) and I listened to the cd you gave us on the way home and we were totally blown away. You guys should totally get airtime on Q101 (that's our local alternative station- they sponsered the show tonight!). anyways, keep up the fantastic work and please keep me informed about when you'll be in Chicago again. I definitely plan on attending your next show that's nearby!!


Jenny F.

hey whuts up man.

i saw u guys at the nissan pavilion and u rocked the place. i don't know if u remember, but i hat the weird pink hair. i'll try to scan the pics i took of u guys and email em to u. i'm also gonna buy ur cd whenever i get the money. i'll definately catch u guys next time ya come around here. good luck with everything. ur band gave me some hope. cuz thats whut i want to do with my life. and i always kinda thought of national tours as being sumthing that only signed bands do. but seeing an indy band do it was awsome and it gave me hope in doing it sumday (i play bass.)

alright, later man


All I can say is that I absolutely love GTO!

I saw you guys at the 311/Incubus show and so was hooked. The Tweeter Center, was definately the most memorable show and just kick ass for me! I just got back from Prague, Poland, and Germany yesterday with a bunch of my friends, and I spent the trip, about a month, listening to your cd and just loving every second of it. The song Sailing reminds me so much of missing my boyfriend while traveling, because I won't be home for much of the summer, and I couldn't help but listen to it every time I thought of him. I played it for him last night, and it was just a great moment. I would love to be on your street team...

Well I guess that's all, I just felt I had to write back after reading your letter.

Love, Josy.


Israfel...Sing with all your heart until you feel your being vibrate. Play your awesome strings and waken the dead from their slumber. Weep for those damned souls in the depths of hell, but do not flood the earth with your tears. Sing sweetly your starry songs and your fire will shine to all who hears. Awaken me with the trembling wire of your strings! Thanks for the show! I love you guys. Be careful on the road.

Can't wait until Thanksgiving!

Mary T.

P.S. I wrote the above for you...I knew who Israfel was before Esta Vida came out. I'm an avid Angel admirer.

Dear Curt Grubb,

I'm sure you get tons of e-mails like this everyday but I just had to tell you personally how cool you are. I've been to two of your shows now and i've had two of the best times of my life at each one. You're incredible to me because you have this passion and energy about you that radiates every time you play. You can totally see that you absolutely love what you do and to me that's beautiful. I always dream that when the time comes I'll be doing what I love and what makes me happy and it seems like that's what you've done-so I guess in a way you're kind of an inspiration to me:) And besides all of that I think your gorgeous and beautiful which may be kind of wrong since I'm only 17 (and you're probably a little bit older than me).

One of the greatest things about you and Bob and James is the way you interact with the crowd. You're shows are so so fun. And ya know I've noticed that you call us mother fuckers a lot during your shows and I think if it came from anyone else I might become a little bit offended but when it comes from you it's almost like and term of endearment and it makes me smile everytime you say it:)

You guys are all so down to earth and you are very very sincere. You always say that we (the fans.....all us mother fuckers:) keep you going but I think many of us would agree that GTO keeps us going too. We can relate to the things you talk about in your songs and that's cool. So now that I've made myself sound like some crazy, obsessed, teenage fan(which I promise I'm really not) I'll close by saying I think you are all wonderful and beautiful and that you deserve the very best in life! Good Luck and come back to Omaha really soon:)

Sarah M.

Now, I've been a HUGE fan of 311 for about six years now, so I've been hearing about you guys for awhile. Only thing was I only heard about you from 311 fans. I didn't want to fall into the trap of liking a band only because they're friends with my favorite band. If I liked you, I wanted it to be genuine. I finally got into the MP3 deal, and so while I was playin around on your website, I decided to download a few songs to get a taste. I haven't been able to stop listening to them. I started off with Purpose and Esta Vida, and eventually put the rest of the CD on my computer here at work. I gotta tell ya, Esta Vida is hands down one of my favorite songs ever. The whole message is just downright beautiful. If I am ever in a bad mood, I just put that song on, and "everything is gonna be okay". I know it sounds cheesy, but that song has gotten me thru some seriously difficult times the last few weeks.

Hopefully I can get a chance to meet up with you guys while you're in town and if you need a place to crash, I promise there won't be any problems with bugs.

Happy Touring!


Curt, James, Bob...

Just wanted to say that the recent shows were unbelievable! The show Friday night kicked ass, and to my surprise, Saturday night's show was even better (I think that BlackHaus may have had something to do with that...I know I felt the effects of that seemingly harmless clear liquid).

On the way home to KC Sunday morning I had a lot of time to enjoy some good music, and to do a lot of thinking about life in general. I got to thinking about how I stumbled upon the music of GTO and how it has affected my life. I asked myself the question, "Why do I do it?? Why do I make the drives to see a band play??" I remember the day I called your mom about the CD like it was yesterday. And, from the moment I started listening I've been hooked.

All the shows I've seen since have gotten better at almost an exponential rate. It's pretty amazing to me how much tighter the band sounds and performs since the first show I saw. But, what really keeps me interested is the whole vibe and atmosphere of the GTO shows. I mean, they aren't just concerts anymore...they're experiences.

I feel so lucky to have met all the great people that surround and support the band...and that share the love for life and positivity that flows from GTO's music. At a time when a lot of rock music is focusing on negative energy, it's really refreshing to listen to something that reminds us how much of a gift life is.

And, suddenly I had answered my own question through the reasons above. I have GTO and all the friends and fans to thank for all the great times I have had these last few months. That amosphere, that experience is what life is all about to me. I'm sure it can only get better from here on out, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Thanks again for the hospitality, the friendships, and the positivity. We all need it to keep going.


hey whats up.

i just have to say that is had been quite awhile since i had seen you play, december maybe... and holy shit was the show friday night great. i was right there up front with all kinds of other kickass people singing along to every word, and what a great feeling it was... the bond, a comrodarie if you will. in all honesty that had to be one of the best shows i have seen you guys play. you all seemed so happy to be there and to be doing what you were doing. you looked gracious and surpised hearing so many people singing along in pure enjoyment, and take it from me, you should feel good about it. you deserve all good that comes your way.

the evolution of gto has been phenominal and it is just a matter of time before such great music is recognized by the world. anyways, thanks you for such a great show last night, and i wish you the guys the best. if yu need help with any other promotion or anyting, let me know. take care


Kristen G.


I enjoyed reading your story of how tour is going, and especially reading this fish thing. Did he really have 3 eyes? and looked all funky like that?.

I think it's really great that you guys send out a letter to the fans. Especially one like this. It's very personal to each and every fan. Something not everyone can say about most bands out there. I signed up for street team. I'm moving up to Albany in the fall for school. And I'll be sure to get the word out on the street, and with the SA(student Association). with the radio station and such.

Enjoy yourselves!..and drive safe!!!


ok.. first of all i checked the website and you guys aren't coming to Delaware (bumblefuck, land of cornfields..) c'mon, please come here! it can't hurt you to stop here, so c'mon.. theres tons of clubs and bars to play.

Secondly, i saw you guys at Jones Beach with 311, Incubus, and 2SJs.. you guys were awesome. James was nice enough to give me a cd and i love it. its unbelievable. whats really amazing is how there is such great talent out there, and i REALLY want people to know about you.. you're lyrics are incredible (its obvious you are friends with 311) and its actually shocking how great your voice is. nowadays, rock bands have singers who can barely sing.. but not you, you're voice is incredible and the show was awesome.. so please, i beg of you, please stop in DE and have a show here.. and an all ages place would be nice too.. i'll bring you food if you'd like..

well thank you so much for taking the time to read this and i wish you the best on your tour. and please continue sending me those emails!



Thank you so much for responding to my email...i didnt really expect a reply. It means a lot to me. it shows that you guys really care about all of your fans, even the crazy ones like me. Its awesome. I have had a lot of people downloading songs from you guys on Napster. They all love it just as much as i do. I just wanted you guys to know that we all love you and we sincerely hope that you guys keep rocking. We all love you. Hopefully they appreciate your amazing music as much as us crazies. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for replying.

Much Love



My name is Lisa and i was at the 311 and Incubus show in Bristow, VA. I saw u guys before i went in and i thought u were pretty good so i bought ur cd. What i didn't know was just how good you actually are. I listened to it as soon as i got home and the lyrics were really different from anything i've heard in a while. While most people think rock is just a lot of angry music and emotions, you use positivity in your songs.

Dont get me wrong, im a fan of angry music as much as any real rock fan is, but its not the only emotion out there to write about. I listen to songs like Forever Young, and Esta Vida in the mornings and i feel better about my day and how its going to be. I have hope and a positivity i never had before. I just wanted to thank you for that. I dont know if u'll ever get a chance to read this, but i hope so. I wanted you to know that you've helped me in a lot of ways. Thanks!

Love(very much!)



hope you remember me. i'm the girl at pierre's wesdesday night with the "i make boys cry" tee on. i just wanted to let you know that you guys were incredible. seriously. i thought you were dripping talent, and you have an incredible voice. your words moved me. you gave me a cd, and i am continually listening to it.

my favorite song right now is by far "sailing". i think it's beautiful. anyway, you made my night. i had the best time. i am constantly regretting not talking to you after the show. i feel i owe you a kiss. i will definately be watching for you guys to come back. when you do, be sure i will be there. as much as this sounds like a pipe drem, i hope you have the spare time to email me back. that would be great!

please tell james and bob that they were awesome, and i am in complete awe of their talent. that comes from the heart, please know that. and, by the by, i never make a boy cry who doesn't really want to... :)

lorna h

I attended the Jones Beach event last week in Wantauh, New York. I was blown away by your music. I stood directly infront of you. It only took one song and I headed for the girls in the back and bought your CD. You should of been the opening band on the main stage. 2 slimmy J's sucked. You guys would have been amazing inside the theater. Anyway the album is great. I love Purpose.

Your disc has been in my CD player since the show.

Keep it up you're going to be huge!