Bob's Road Notes: 1/9/2000

Well it's time, once again, for some road notes. We have had quite a time this past month. Going back to Omaha this time was a mixture of emotions, for me. I have been blessed to have a great second family at the Grubb's.

You see, my parents live in San Diego, and I have spent the last few year's holidays at the Grubb house -- (a wacky bunch I must say) -- but a great crew to be around. I met Curt's Grandma, who I think had a crush on me and she probably would have had a chance if I were 50 years older. Sweet as can be...

Anyway, we saw so many good friends we had not seen in a long time that it really made a great Christmas better. We played some great shows in Denver and Boulder on our way in to Omaha, including a sold out show opening for the band Train at the Fox Theater in Boulder. (I met Virginia, she's cool!) We stayed at a good friends who let us take over her house for a week. (Thank you Tara!!!) We also had our new van stocked to the hilt with things to do along the way. We had brain-teasers, movies on the VCR, books on tape, and a CD player all keeping our brain waves moving throughout the whole trip.

Can't say thanks enough to all the fans who came out to the shows over the last two trips. You make us remember why we love to rock. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that when "you're livin' in the jungle baby" (say that like Axl Rose).

The trip home was pretty smooth except for a near disaster in gas, that we forgot to check, with 29 miles to go until we'd hit a station, and the needle was nearly breaking the gage it was so low. But, as real troopers do, we prevailed without walking.

I left my two birds home alone in my bedroom while we were on the road, leaving only seed, water and the TV on for some vocal interaction. We were unsure of their fate till we came in Thursday night, and to my surprise they both were well and healthy, strong little guys. Well we've got lots ahead of us right now and we couldn't be happier, it was a great 1999, but this year is the year of the hopper....

I'll leave with a great quote from John Lennon that I believe.... "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

Don't forget about life, have a great year... Bob