Jame's entry, 6/18/2000

Hey everyone, what's going on!?!

This is James here writing everyone from New York City. It's my first time in this city and on the East Coast, so I'm just kind of checking everything out. Our shows have been going excellent and we've been meeting tons of people along the way.

Our first show on this most recent trip was with 311 in Kansas City and we all had a blast. I met lots of cool people and took some pictures and stuff, so be on the look out for incoming pictures on the website.

Later that evening, after we played, I went over to the main stage and saw Incubus and 311 and it was a great show all around. On our next stop we played this place called Piere's in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and it took us completely by surprise. We had no idea what to expect and it ended up being the rock and roll amusement park of the Midwest.

It was so bad ass. It's 5 bars all in one place: rock shows, dance clubs, strippers, and a 1,000 beer bar. And on top of all that, it has one of the greatest driving video games, "Hydro Thunder!" All the people were really cool and we stayed and partied with everyone until about 4 in the morning.

The next place we played was this area of Cleveland called The Flats. It was one of my favorite spots, and I think the same for Grubb and Bob too. It was a huge strip of bars and clubs on the shore of Lake Erie, and was real colorful and had tons of people walking around. Everything is set up there so if you have a boat, you can just drive your boat right up to the bar. (You know boat people love to have a good time.)

After the show, we went, late-night, to the club upstairs from Peabody's (the place we played), and stayed and took pictures of Bob dancing and shaking his butt in the window for the whole street to see. It was funny.

Next, we headed to Baltimore to play the Brass Monkey. This place is a real bar, bar, if you know what I mean. The area was good to walk around in and was right near some water also. We went swimming in a local fountain to cool off. It has been super hot lately so we've been drinking a lot to accomodate. We played with Ives Law and the show was a good time. (To those guys: if you read this, I wore your shirt at the show the next day. Hope the drummer's finger is ok.) We met some good people who took us out to breakfast and hung out with us the next day at the 311 show. (What's up John and Brian?)

By the way, the show at the Nissan Pavillion, near D.C., was a blast. We had a great time and took a lot of pictures that we will put up on the site soon (we just got 'em developed today). I met lots of young musicians out and about just digging the music which is always good to see. We were totally set up by Aaron, the guy in charge of the side stage at the Pavillion. He was a young dude and was real cool and took great care of us. He gave us enough sandwich meat to last a week, but the heat started to melt it and both Grubb and I accidentally stuck our hands in the leaking meat juice that stunk like ass. We had to give up on it.

Later that night, I took a late night stop-over to Nick's bus to say 'what's up' and hang and tell them congrats on the ten year anniversary of 311. Grubb gave a toast and everything to the bus party. So now we're in New York with a day off and we go out for six more shows until our next day off.

I'll write back. Keep the mail coming. It may not be right away, but we'll get back to you.

Take care.