Well, since we technically didn't have any "road notes" I thought I would drop some "sky notes" on your readers.

The last few times we have been back to Omaha, we've been flying in, and I'll tell you there just wasn't a whole lot to say about a plane trip until now. We had one of those "trips" that you would hear about only from a veteran, someone who spends more time in and above the clouds than they do on the ground.

The aircraft was a 777, which if you don't know is a plane that holds about six or seven hundred people, or at least it seems like it. It did have the perks that your standard coach class ticket doesn't have -- more than two radio stations, tv's built right into the chair in front of you with 5 channels to choose from, and a pretty good turkey sandwich for eats.

For us, though, we were right behind the poor mother of 3, or maybe more, rug rats (could't see their heads) who sat right in front of us, and a baby that cried the entire 2 hour flight. Curt looked as if he was about to grab them all and throw open the emegency exit, using the kids as parachutes.

Lights were going on and off, the screaming and crying. How is a tired rock & roller to deal?!? It's simple really, we gave them animal crackers soaked in Tylenol PM. (Joke.)

Anyway, I feel for those people who must endure that on a daily basis. When we come back for Christmas we will be driving and touring and playing in Colorado, and I couldn't be happier!!

Should have more notes soon from the Rocky Mountain High Plains.

May Rock be with you.....Bob