Well the trip back from Omaha was as smooth as a baby's butt, the new van is a machine. Left Omaha and drove straight to Denver where we hooked up with some friends and went out on the town to check out a few places to possibly play, a few beers, and some good conversation.

Left the next morning in a blaze of glory to set off for Green River Utah, where the hotels aren't cheap, there's no food, but the landscape is unreal. They say it's a big tourist stop, but I think it's only because there's nothing else between Denver and Vegas, R.V. country(if you know what I mean)

Anyway we left Green River and sailed into Vegas on Saturday for some much needed R&R, only to lose money at the tables, and be blinded by stimulation overload. We got up early the next day to drive through the desert back to L.A. (man it's hot in the desert) where we were so happy to be home until we got in the door, where we found our house swarming with fruit flys and 8,000 new messages.

Trying to back on track when you leave for 10 days is like going through the line at the DMV, you would rather stick a hot poker in your ass.

Anyway things are shaping up and we are starting to see the light.

That's it for now

- Bob