James' Road Notes: 1/10/2000

So, I 'm writting road notes for the first time. I had a great time in Omaha and Colorado and it was cool to see everyone. I went out with Darla, (most of you know Darla), a couple of times and that is always fun. One night we went somewhere first -- where, I can't remember now -- and then later went to a little get together at Joel's from Man Down. The next day I was to leave at like 7 in the morning to head to Minneapolis with my Mom to see the Vikings and the Packers football game. My sister Kathryn is a cheerleader for the Vikings and I had never seen her dance.

Anyway, Darla and I are leaving Joel's at like 3:30 in the morning and we get lost going home. All of the sudden, we're jabbering along and we wind up stopping at this house with "HOPE" in giant lights. That house would become a landmark for finding our way out of that neighborhood. On the way, we're looking at Christmas lights and we finally get to my Mom's house. I'm like, "See you later," and everything, and I forgot that I left my bass in her trunk.

I never leave anywhere without my bass, so this was a problem. I remembered we weren't just out partying but we played that night, too. I realized this as soon as I went inside and Darla was driving away. And I was like, "Shit!" I knew Darla would remember but I couldn't get ahold of her 'cause she didn't have a phone at the time and could only use pay phones.

I had faith. I left to see my sister and the game and the Vikings won. I had never been to a football game in my life. It was crazy! And Kathryn was dancing on the big TV and it was cool. So I get back to Omaha and call Grubb's and, yes, Darla had come through. My bass was at his house but Darla, on her way, had gotten into a fender bender. I have the worst luck with my friends automobile's, even when I'm not driving. One good thing is it wasn't her fault and she got some money out of it.

Ok. So, the road trip went well. We stopped in Denver for a night and went to this bar, The Lion's Lair, to get a microphone that we left there when we played. First off, this place is sketch central from the get. Second, the door guy hates us for some reason and is a total drunk, too.

I'm playing pinball while G and Bob are questiong him about the mic. Our friend Tara comes over and says, "I think that guy is going to kill Bob." The door guy said to Bob, "If you don't stop calling me a liar, I 'm going to hit you!" Bob was being totally cool.

So I go over to see what's up and all of the sudden the bartender chick starts to WIG. She is screaming at these Sullivan's-style drunks to get out of her bar who had probally been dinking since nine in the morning because they could barely speak or stand. Anyway, while they are getting kicked out we're standing like a foot away watching and here comes the big, drunk door guy who is already full of rage from Bob.

He barrells into the drunks, knocking both flat on the ground. I was like, "Holy shit!" The door guy is all like, "I'll kill anyone who looks at me!" screaming at the drunk on the floor. The drunk is screaming that his head had been cracked open and that he needs an ambulance. He got up on his own accord only minutes later. So I say to G and Bob, "Let's roll. Screw the mic for now."

We walk right through the crime scene and inches away from the door guy. We say our farewells and are laughing to ourselves about what a strange thing just happened when the screaming suddenly carries out of the bar and into the street. Directly in front of traffic, a full-on brawl between the doorman and the drunks is on.

What a dump, but a pretty fun place to play actually. The rest of the way back was mellow. We rested in Holbrook, Arizona and got a great deal on a room. We listened to books on tape. I love the weather here and I am glad to be back.

Take care,