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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To The Mighty Swarm:

Welcome newbies and "Salute!" to all. Just a couple quick mentions to tell you about...

-- Grasshopper Takeover plays the Ranch Bowl this coming Saturday, May 8th with Lovetap, Anonymous American and Distance to Empty for an All Ages show. Doors at 7pm. GTO will take the stage at 11pm.

-- At the Ranch Bowl show on May 8th, we will be shooting the live footage portion of a music video currently in the works for our song, "No Pressure" from our album Elephant Dreams. There's high likelihood we'll have to perform the song twice so that the director, Brian Allen, can get all the shots he needs to make the final product a success. We need everyone to come out prepared to do whatever they can to add to the excitement of the crowd vibe as the crazier you are, the more chance you'll have of making the final cut and seeing your pretty mug forever ingrained in GTO history. :-)

-- MAIN EVENT: On Friday, July 16th, Grasshopper Takeover will be opening for 311 for a FREE SHOW in Omaha at Memorial Park for Omaha's 150th birthday celebration. All Ages, open to the public and... did I mention... FREE! Show starts at 6pm.

-- GTO has inked a deal with a Japanese record label called RB Records and will be releasing the Japanese version of "International Dance Marathon" with 3 to 6 bonus tracks on it at the end of June. Keep an eye out for this one... more details on the release soon.

-- Grubb's 12-song solo album titled, "Death of a Fainthearted Trailblazer", will be out at the end of May or first week in June. If you'd like a signed, advance copy mailed to you please send $10 in any form to: Grubb Solo CD, 843 So. 60th St., Omaha, NE 68106. Make sure to include your return mailing address.

-- EP 2/3 "See No Evil" will be out this July of '04 and will include 5 new songs.

-- EP 3/3 "Speak No Evil" should be completed and release by November/December of '04 with yet another 5+ spankin' new songs.

-- And, finally, with a little luck (and a lot of work), we'll be releasing a Double (possibly triple) Disc Live CD Set including a DVD with on-the-road, studio and live performance footage plus music videos and interviews in December of '04. Any fans out there who would like to be a part of the DVD by creating even the simplest video for any GTO song you like, please do so. All video submissions will be reviewed and, barring any pornographic content, you'll be in. :-) Submissions can be sent to: GTO DVD, 843 So. 60th St., Omaha, NE 68106.

Thanks to all who came out to see us play live over the past 6 weeks of touring throughout the Midwest. And thanks, overall, to everyone on this list for your continued support of Grasshopper Takeover.

Have a great day and SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY!!!