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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To The Swarm:

Greetings to all and welcome newcomers to the list. We have a ton of tourdates coming up so please check them out on the site at
http://www.grasshoppertakeover.com/dates/ as we hope to see all of you out at a live show in your area soon. The new album is still kicking ass, so thanks to all of you who have purchased a copy and helped to spread the word. It is much appreciated.

We just launched our radio add date to college radio on March 16th, so keep an ear out for GTO music on your college station and if you don't hear us, please call in and tell your DJs to play "Elephant Dreams" or let us know. March 16th is also our retail distribution street date for most online outlets such as Amazon.com, radioINDY.com, EOradio.com, Best Buys and much more throughout the region and world. If you go looking for GTO in your favorite retail outlet and cannot find it, please let us know so we can contact our distributor to get the music out there. Of course, you can also go to CDbaby.com and purchase either "I.D.M." or "E.D." via their website too. We also now have mucho merchandise available primarily through live shows and/or via mail order.

Some tidbits on everyone...

James has been teaching bass lessons and recording material of his own on a new digital recorder he has. We're hoping that in time he'll have some samples to post on the website for you to hear. Also, if you'd like to say hello to him or inquire about bass lessons or beg him for some music samples, you can email him at james@grasshoppertakeover.com

Grubb and Bob have been busy recording and producing Anchondo's latest release, as of yet untitled. We're four songs deep into a roughly 12-song full-length due out in August of '04. The tracks are coming out incredibly well and we're having a great time working with such a killer band and great people. It is our first full-on venture into recording/producing/arranging and we are proud of the work thus far on everyone's behalf and excited for its release. You can check out Anchondo at http://www.anchondo.com.

Grubb has finally completed the artwork and mastering for his solo CD titled, "Death of a Fainthearted Trailblazer". The album will be out in approximately 6 weeks and will be available on a limited release, one-time print basis. There will soon be a page on CDbaby.com for ordering outside of Omaha/Lincoln and, of course, mail order will be available directly through us. If you'd like an advance copy via mail order, send $10 to:

Grubb Solo CD
843 So. 60th St.
Omaha, NE 68106

Currently under construction but accessible soon... http://www.curtgrubb.com/

In between touring and fighting off well-endowed Italian women, Mike's been working on his graduate degree in classical guitar and will soon be performing a recital at UNO. For all music lovers, this performance promises to simply blow your mind. Info is as follows:

Graduate Classical Guitar Recital
Strauss Performing Arts Center
Recital Hall, UNO
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
5:00 P.M. Free Admission
Performing works by J.S. Bach, Torroba and Brouwer.

The University of Nebraska is located at 6001 Dodge Street and the
Strauss Performing Arts Center is located just West of the Milo Bail Student Center. The Recital Hall is on the Main floor. Michael's been working hard on these pieces in the band van and on the road for a year! Now it's time to bring it to you on the concert stage. This recital is in partial fulfillment of his Masters Degree. Hope to see you there and bring your family and friends!

That's about it for now... Until later....

Spread Your Wings and Fly!


GTO's newest CD, "Elephant Dreams," NOW AVAILABLE at all Homer's
locations or by mailing $10 in any form to:
Elephant Dreams, 843 So. 60th St., Omaha, NE 68106.
Please make sure to include your correct and current mailing address.
Also, online at www.CDbaby.com you can order both "Elephant Dreams"
and "International Dance Marathon" at these links:
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gto for I.D.M.
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gto2 for E.D.