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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To the Mighty Swarm:

Hello all and welcome to the many newcomers on the list...

Lots of great stuff going on with GTO currently that we want to fill ya in on.

The new CD ("Elephant Dreams") is doing GREAT and we thank you all for owning your very own copy! If you do not yet have a copy of this album then you must get one today!!! The best way to take care of this is by going to www.CDbaby.com and ordering it through them. It's cheap and they ship within 24 hours. Also, if we sell "X" amount of CDs through them in the month of February then we will get on their compilation CD which goes out to thousands of people from industry giants to music lovers like yourselves.

GTO has secured a distribution deal with Harvest Media Group so if you have any information or ideas regarding retail music outlets in your area that should have GTO CDs on their shelves please email us or email info@harvest-mg.com and let us know so we can make the music available in your area.

We are also in the process of signing a deal with a Japanese record label at which time copies of both "International Dance Marathon" and "Elephant Dreams" will be re-printed in Japanese and sold/distributed/licensed in Asia. We will let you know when this is a done deal so that those of you wishing to own copies of the Japanese versions of those albums can do so.

GTO is happy to announce that Budweiser will be signing us to another year of their True Music Live program. To date, the program has been a great experience and opportunity to be a part of in all regards and we look forward to working with Budweiser in 2004. Last year's program brought us the good fortune of some ink in Rolling Stone Magazine and air-time on VH-1, and we're hoping for more of that goodness in 2004.

GTO has partnered up with cinematographer/videographer/director Johnny Derango to produce an upcoming music video for the song "Emily Rose" off of our latest album, "Elephant Dreams". More info coming soon.

GTO has also partnered up with graphics specialist and animator extraordinair, Michael Waszkowski, to produce/create an all-animated, computer-generated music video most likely to our single "No Pressure" off of "Elephant Dreams". More info coming soon.

New dates are up on our website so please visit the tourdates page and see when we're going to be soon near you so we can see yo ass out at live show. We have a four day run through Iowa beginning this Wednesday, Feb. 4th and many more to follow. We are also nearing completion of a deal with a booking agency which will have us in your area sooner than later and more often than not. Please let us know if you'd like us to pay you a visit and we'll do what we can to make it a reality.

GTO's song "No Pressure" will be featured in an upcoming mobile NASCAR video display dedicated to Dale Earnhart.

We've also completed 2 of the 5 songs to be featured on our follow-up EP due out in the Spring of '04. It will be the second of three in our series of limited edition EPs titled, "See No Evil". The songs completed thus far are titled "Jet Plane" and "Lucky Man".

And last, but not least, THANK YOU ALL for you continued support of the band.

Spread the word about GTO and spread your wings and fly!!!


GTO's newest CD, "Elephant Dreams," NOW AVAILABLE at all Homer's locations or by mailing $10 in any form to:
Elephant Dreams, 843 So. 60th St., Omaha, NE 68106.
Please make sure to include your correct and current mailing address.
Also, online at www.CDbaby.com you can order both "Elephant Dreams"
and "International Dance Marathon" at these links:
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gto for I.D.M.
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gto2 for E.D.