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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Hey all,
Lot's of good things going on in camp GTO...

*** We've got a very important show coming up on Friday, June 20th at the Ranch Bowl with Mandown, 8th Wave, Anything But Joey (from KC) and Rubber Planet (from Denver). We have been informed that the president of a major booking and management company is going to be flying into omaha to see us play. So aside from the show already being a great night of music, we're really wanting to make this one huge, so we NEED YOUR SUPPORT! This could be a great opportunity for us if at the end of the show he leaves to return to New York with a big enough boner to sign us to his roster. Also, for that evening, we're going to be giving away 100 signed and numbered CD samplers featuring two new songs from our forthcoming album ("no pressure" and "long live rock 'n roll") to the first 100 people through the door.

*** Right this very moment, GTO is being featured on the www.callatt.com Battle of the Bands site. PLEASE GO AND VOTE for us by logging onto the site, clicking on the Battle of the Bands link, then click "cast your vote". You'll then have three categories of music to choose from and GTO is under the category "Modern". Just hit that link and you can figure out the rest. Fortunately, they've made it SUPER EASY to vote. There are no catches or bullshit to go through and it should take no more than 1 or 2 minutes. As far as I can tell, you can vote once a day. So please vote as often as you possibly can. THANK YOU.

*** We're doing radio interviews with 93.3 The Dam on Sunday night, June 15th on Sterling's show "Second Stage." Also, we're confirmed for the Capone Morning Show on 89.7 The River at 9am on Friday morning, June 20th. Big Party at 106.9 The City has granted us an interview the week prior to the show, as have Todd and Tyler on Z-92 but the time and exact date have yet to be confirmed. Also, all the stations mentioned above will be receiving our two-song sampler soon for radio play, so call in and request NEW GTO!!!

Request line phone numbers:

93.3 The Damn -- 962-9333
106.9 The City -- 561-1069
Z-92 -- 962-1200
89.7 The River -- 328-8970

*** We're in the process of completing a licensing agreement with a Japanese label called RB Records. This will hopefully will eventually take us to Japan for a couple week tour as well as put GTO in the hands of the Orient. Check out www.rb-records.com and see our current CD, "International Dance Marathon", in Japanese print. Upon completion of the deal, we'll be releasing "IDM" in Japan with two bonus tracks and music videos on the CD. more details to come.

*** Mike Cioffero (lead guitarist and newest member) is working out like a wet dream you don't wake up from right before you orgasm. He's downstairs right now laying down some guitar tracks to a new song called "Emily Rose" which some of you may have heard us play live in the recent past. If you'd like to email Mike and say hello or ask him questions or even ask him out on a date (he's single), you can do so at mike@grasshoppertakeover.com

*** We've recently hooked up with recording/mixing engineer David Castell at Stompbox Studios in Arlington, TX in hopes that he will be mixing and finalizing our record, (which should hopefully be completed by Summer's end). David most recently recorded, mixed and produced Blue October's newest record which secured them a deal with Universal Records. The album comes out in about two weeks but I've been fortunate enough to receive an advance copy and it is a GREAT rock album. Superb songs and sounds that have us excited about the prospect of working with David.

We've also got a ton of summer tour dates, so be sure to check out the latest and greatest on the Tour Dates page.

Spread your wings and fly,

grubb / GTO