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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Hey all, just a quick note to say hello and let you in on some upcoming tourdates in April that you won't want to miss as well as some other GTO tid-bits...

Also, there are new road notes posted about our recent trip to Colorado, a funny story (under the news section) from Pomeroy's new keyboardist, Tyson, about our experience together in Rock Island, and new shows posted well into the Spring on the tourdates page.

The GTO album is (truly!) almost done. Grubb has a solo album coming out that will soon be available almost exclusively through this site.

  • We've already played one un-announced top-secret show with the new guitarist we've been rocking with.
  • All our road gigs have been awesome and we thank all of you for coming out to make them all they could be.
  • For those of you who were at the recent Sokol show with Pomeroy for the Creighton Lou Gehrig's Disease Foundation benefit, we thank you for your patronage of the cause... the 900+ of you who packed the theatre made it the most fun we've had playing in a while.
  • I've just finished producing one of Love Tap's songs titled, "The Wonder's Gone," and it will be out on their coming CD. The song came out great, I'm proud of the work, and I wish them great success with the release of their new CD.
  • I'm now producing a band called Poppleton, also out of Omaha, and will keep you abreast of that project as developments arise.
  • Our next show in Omaha is on May 10th at the Ranch Bowl and we're hoping to make it a free show as a way of saying thank-you to our fans for their ongoing support of GTO and Omaha's burgeoning local music scene as a whole.
  • For any of you who have yet to see Anchondo, it is a must as they are one of the best bands to rise out of omaha in a long time.
  • The Bud sponsorship is going great and there will soon be an online voting contest through Bud's site in which the bands who receive the most votes will win a trip to Vegas to play a VH-1 showcase that offers all sorts of goodies to the winners, so we'll keep you informed - including a direct voting link - when it all begins.

Until next time, take care of one another in these troubled times. say a prayer for peace and...

Spread your wings and fly,

grubb / GTO