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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To the mighty Swarm,

Hey all... lots of great things happening for GTO right now that i wanted to tell you about:

  1. Tons of new tourdates posted on our tourdates page on the website. We're going to be in KC and Wichita this weekend; Ames, Iowa City and Rock Island on the following weekend; and out in Colorado the weekend after that. Many more beyond what I've mentioned above, so please check out the tourdates and come out and see us rock in a city near you!

  2. New road notes and pics have been posted on the site from our most recent outings into Iowa and Illinois.

  3. GTO has recently received tour sponsorship for one year on behalf of Budweiser and the Bud True Music Live program. The BTML program is a killer new program that gives fantastic support to independent bands who bud feels are of national calibur and deserving of national recognition. It is a grassroots/DIY program that has extended itself to over 120 markets nationwide and offers support through promotions of all kinds for bands such as GTO. We thank bud for including us in this opportunity and are looking forward to the next year as Nebraska's BTML band.

  4. We'll soon be bringing another guitarist into the mix, turning GTO from a 3-piece to 4-piece rock orgasm. We've been praciticing with a guitarist from Omaha who is classically trained, is incredibly talented and, overall, is a great guy. So far, the practices have been very encouraging. Once he starts playing with us live, you all will be able to hear EVERYTHING you hear when you listen to GTO on CD. This includes aspects like the steel drums on the chorus of Esta Vida, multiple areas of guitar production throughout many songs, and a complete fulfillment of all production on the new songs coming on our new CD. We're really looking forward to it all and will let you know as soon as we make the decision to break out the new player live.

  5. CD release is coming soon... we're hoping late spring/early summer. a new song has just recently been added to the total. It's called "Long Live Rock and Roll" and it rips. You can hear us perform it live. The CD is shaping up to contain a total of 14 new songs and two music videos. We're completely excited and just as anxious as you are to get it out there, so bear with us. It won't be too much longer.

  6. Miscellaneous:
  • Much thanks to all the GTO Street Teamers for all their recent help. Please keep in touch with the tourdates and let us know if you'd like to come to the show when we are in your area. Also, we're looking for help in selling merch at our shows so please make contact if you are available to do so.
  • Anyone hosting or knowing of any parties in any of the places we're playing, let us know as we're never ones to turn down a good time.
  • Grubb will soon be releasing a solo album, more info to come as it develops.
  • Anyone want us to play a house party on a night we have off, let us know and we'll do it.
  • New merch page on the way. New merch on the way.
  • Much thanks to our Japanese distributor, Yusuke, for helping us to sell our first 50 CDs in Japan!!!
  • The Kind songs (music from a previous band) will soon be posted on the website.
  • I just stepped on a scale and realized I gained 7 pounds this year, bringing my total weight to 127 lbs... aha, there's hope for me yet!!! Sometime in my life I will have an ass to grab.

busy, busy, busy...

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Spread your wings and fly,

grubb / GTO