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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Hello to the Swarm,

Well, the holidaze are over (happy new year!), the hometown shows went well, the CD is in mixdown phase and GTO is gearing up to get back out on the road. I'm currently booking dates in the midwest in a pattern that includes weekly 4 to 5-day (Wed. thru Sat.) outings including, but not limited to, the following cities and states:

  1. Ames IA, Des Moines IA, IA city and Peoria and Rock Island Ill.
  2. Sioux Falls SD, Minneapolis, Madison WI and Chicago.
  3. Lincoln NE, Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Vail
  4. Lawrence KS, Wichita, Springfield, Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis.
  5. Omaha

With some hard work and a little luck, we should be able to maintain this schedule with each mini-tour repeating itself every five weeks. We will continue to do this until and after our new CD is completed and/or the weather warms up enough for us to venture further in all directions from omaha.

I am writing to let you all know our plans and hoping that you will be able to offer some assistance regarding booking these shows and spreading the word so that the tours are successful. Your help can come in many forms including making phone calls to radio stations or local newspapers to help us get some play and/or write-ups, calling/emailing all your friends to come out to the show, talk to friends of yours who are involved in booking clubs or working at bars that we should play so that they can put in a word for us, send us ideas on cities and clubs that you feel would be good for us to play in the above mentioned tour circuits, burn CDs for friends at school before our arrival to familiarize them with the music (if they want the real thing they can email us for it), make posters or flyers prior to the shows, etc., etc.

We're not asking you to spend days and weeks doing everything you can to make our world an easier place to live, but if everyone who is willing would do one or two little things, then between all who are on our mailing list and active with this site and GTO as a whole, the little things you all do will add up greatly as one giant underground rock and roll fighting force.

I've just began making the phone calls and sending out the emails and have already received some confirmations, so please go to our tourdates page to see those.


Kansas City Bands:
Currently we are looking for a rock band in the Kansas City area who is interested in swapping shows with us up here in omaha and who would like to play with us at Davey's uptown on thursday the 6th of march. contact me at grubbgto@aol.com

Street Teamers:
Thank you to the many people who have signed up to be a part of GTO's street team. There's always room for more (especially in the areas that i mentioned above where we will be touring). Go to our website's street team page and fill out the info and, voila!, you officially rock.

Soon we'll have a page on the website where you can view all the merch and order it from us through paypal at orders@grasshoppertakeover.com

Yesterday i was struggling with trying to find a way to efficiently distribute our CDs to all the necessary cities and then (I think) I came up with a good idea. (bear with me.)

The idea was to have you, our fans and friends, act as our CD distributors. What I was thinking we could do is offer our current International Dance Marathon CD and our New CD (upon completion) at cost ($3) for anyone willing to order 10 or more. total cost to you for 10 CDs ordered would be $30 plus shipping (total: prolly like $35). On your end, you would then act as a distributor for GTO and would be able to sell the CDs for $10 bucks to friends at school, etc. or you could put them on consignment in your favorite local record store. Whatever you think is best for your area. If you were to keep one CD and sell 9 then, effectively, you could make $55 dollars plus have a free CD for yourself.

What GTO would get out of it in return would be to have our music "out there" where it would be otherwise very difficult for us to do. We do not wish to make any money off this, and by offering the CDs at cost, we're just hoping not to lose money.

Let me know what you all think (another one of my hair-brained schemes or pure genius? :) If anyone is interested or has anything to add regarding this and/or the tour email me at grubbgto@aol.com

Have a rockin' good day!

Spread your wings and fly,
grubb / GTO