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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To the mighty and unwavering Swarm,


  • Saturday, March 9th @ the Howard Street, 21+, with Man Down.
  • Sunday, March 17th (St. Patty's Day), ALL AGES, at the Ranch Bowl, with Five Story Fall, Man Down, Smith Victor, Sematic, The Dog and Everything (from Chicago).
  • Monday, April 8th @ Sokol Hall, ALL AGES, with 311 (We may release another limited edition follow-up CD to the "Green Album" (titled the "Magenta Album") with more new GTO tunes for the 311 show.)


GTO's forthcoming CD is only 3 or 4 songs away from completion. Right now, as I type this newsletter, Bob is laying down drum tracks to a song called, "Love in Between." There will be a total of 15 new songs on the CD, plus two CD-Rom/DVD/PC playable music videos of the songs "Esta Vida" and "Bonecrusher" from our previous album, "International Dance Marathon." Expect a CD release sometime late Spring or early Summer, and a national tour to follow.

Song titles include, in no particular order:

1. In a Box
2. The Queen is Coming
3. Doin' time
4. Owe it to You
5. Anytime, Anywhere
6. Save Yourself
7. Best for You
8. Chasing the Wind
9. Nobody's Perfect
10. Money Back
11. Two Timin' Man
12. Omaha
13. Pants Down
14. Saturday (temp. title)
15. ...not sure yet -- one of many to choose from for track #15

GTO Street Teamerz:
Thanks so much for your ongoing dedication and support. Also, big thanks for spreading the word (and music) about our most recent MP3/DVD playable CD release, "Green Album," to others. If for any reason you are on our street team and did not receive your 'care package' in the mail, please email our national street team captain, Sean Vest at GrashoprTakeover@aol.com and let him know. We will get your mailing address re-verified and send you out the package. And for anyone looking to join our street team, let us know! Again, just contact Sean at GrasHoprTakeover@aol.com and he'll set you up.

"Green Album Success!"
The release of the MP3/DVD playable only "Green Album" has been a huge success and has received much positive feedback, so thank you all for that. After its release there were nearly 1000 new additions to the Swarm Newsletter! For those of you who have the CD or have heard the tunes online, we are always open for feedback on the new material.

The GTO website is currently in the process of getting a major facelift and overhaul. So, please bear with us. We're preparing to launch a new look with new kick-ass features across the board. Also, after the last Swarm newsletter was put out, our computer broke and we were off-line for over a month. Consequently, our server deleted the majority of emails that came to us post holiday shows and "Green Album" release. If you sent us an email during that time we apologize for not getting back to you as it remains a priority for us to respond to every email we receive from our fans. You can contact us through the website at www.grasshoppertakeover.com or individually at:
info@grasshoppertakeover.com (general questions)
streetteam@grasshoppertakeover.com (street team)


  • For affordable and awesome band web-design visit bandsandvenues.com
  • For affordable and awesome CD jacket/surface design visit kgbyproducts.com
  • Currently, we are completely out of all merchandise. New merch of all shapes and sizes will be available soon. Please check the website for details in the near future.
  • We do not yet have a title for our forthcoming CD. Got a good one? Let us know!

All the best and thanks for your ongoing support.

Spread your wings and fly,

Grubb / GTO