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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To the Mighty Swarm,

We're back in Omaha now getting ready to play our show this weekend at the music box (18 and over show, so come on out youngin's) with Carolyn's Mother and Man Down. We will be playing three new tunes: "Bitch, I want my money back," "In a box, on the floor," and "Nobody's Perfect." And at the request of some fans, will prolly be breaking out couple oldies but goodies, possibly "Tommy Gun" and "Fast Talkin' Girl." Definitely looking forward to this weekend's show.

We, as we always do, had an incredible time at the Canopy Club in Champaign and the House of Blues in Chicago this past weekend playing with our great friends and killer band, Lucky Boys Confusion. The House of Blues was sold out and was absolutely amazing. The fans, the city, the girls, the club and the alcohol all were incredible and the show, with our boys Swizzle Tree starting the night, rocked balls throughout. Lucky Boys just released a record on Elektra Records and it's in all the stores, so check them out cuz they deserve every bit of love they can get musically personally and... physically. (somebody needs to get these boys laid! :)

We're still working on our upcoming album and have no set release date at this time, but since we have our own studio to work in at all hours and under any circumstances, the album is slowly becoming quite a gem. It's very cool the way it's coming together and will most definitely be different than any we've done in the past. Having our own studio has allowed for many new creations and ideas and philosophical approaches to our music and how we plan to relate ourselves to our listeners. The songs are ranging from rocker's in the vain of Bonecrusher to nearly Ramone's-style punk to an instrumental tune played strictly on classical guitars to James' infamous Kangaroo Song. Hmmm... how we gonna do that? The vision is there.

I just got off the phone with one of our design artists and we are currently in the process of making more stickers and t-shirts. All of our t-shirts are currently sold out but will be back in commission within the next month. The stickers will be free to all who come to our shows and will also be included in the CD package or any merchandise purchase. As we are in the design stage right now, if any of you have any design ideas that you would like to send us via email attachment, please do so now. (Matt H. in Omaha and Mike K. in San Francisco, could you please re-send the design ideas you sent me a couple months ago.) The designs and styles will be up on the site when they are completed and all the order information will be there too. We'll be letting you know when that's all ready.

Our show dates around the Omaha and Lincoln areas are now listed and up-to-date on the website, thanks to our webmaster. We're going to be playing regionally somewhat too so keep an eye on the website tourdates page for shows in Kansas City, Lawrence, St. Louis, Columbia, Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Vail, Ames, IA City, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, and others around the Midwest.

Also, and as always, if you are interested in joining our street teams, please contact our national street team captain, Sean Vest, at Grashoprtakeover@aol.com. Also, thanks so much to all our current street teamers for everything you've done from excitedly spreading the word about GTO, getting us radio and press interviews, handing out promos, etc. It means a lot to us to know that we have people like yourselves kicking so much ass for us so much of the time.

Have a great day, live it like it were your last.

Spread your wings and fly,

grubb / GTO