** T H E S W A R M **

The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Happy Holidays Hoppers!

We hope everybody is doing great and enjoying the holiday season to its fullest. And, welcome to the new Swarm recipients and thanks to all for your continuing support. We have the coolest fans in the world and are so completely grateful for your letters and poems and pictures and love and emails and gifts and food and calling cards and other goodies, it is overwhelming in the best way. For those of you who have written me within the last few weeks or more, I'll be getting back to you as soon as Christmas is over and the year 2000's final Swarm issue is completed (Glenn and Sully, that means you!).

Aside from the general, though admittedly welcome, insanity that comes with being in and managing a band -- including tying up all loose ends as our nine month tour comes to a close on Christmas night -- we're excited about moving flawlessly forward with our future endeavors.

There's all sorts of new news in the GTO camp but, with Christmas only days away and less than half my shopping done, I've no time to go into any great detail. Over the last few days I've been spending tons of cash buying gifts, been caught in traffic in 10 below weather with no heat in our van, bumped into by frenzied mall-goers, heard enough Christmas music to give me dry-heaves, and, generally, have built up enough energy from stress to power a small nuclear power plant. Ah, the joys of Christmas...


  1. 3 Shows in Omaha and Lincoln over the holiday weekend, including Christmas night.... (see below for dates.)
  2. GTO live CD release due out in late February, 2001.
  3. We just purchased a full-on recording studio and will be basing ourselves and the studio in Omaha until we finish writing and demo-ing out our next full-length album. Upon completion, we'll be returning to LA to finish mixing the album with our producer, Gabe Mann, and then will be heading back out on the road for national tour upon the album's release.
  4. New full-length CD out in late Spring 2001.
  5. Thanks to the awesome work of our videographer, Chris St. George, our music videos for Esta Vida and Bonecrusher are completed and will be released for promo purposes in Spring of 2001.
  6. This Friday's show at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha will be broadcast live through the Digital Club Network and the link is listed below.
  7. My amplifier just blew last night and I think I'm gonna have to buy a new one today.
  8. Three week mini-tour planned for the Midwest region to begin in mid-February through early March.
  9. Our van just passed the 155,000 mile mark, which means we put over 45,000 miles on her since April. That's a lotta damn drivin!
  10. Much other stuff, so completely informative and interesting, (some would say nearly mind-blowing), that I can't even remember what it is right now cuz I left my "things to do and say list" in the side pocket of my Speedo which I wore to bed last night just to freak myself out when I awoke in the morning.


  • Tomorrow, Friday, December 22nd at the Ranch Bowl. ALL AGES!!! Playing with Oil, Jank 1000 and one other TBA. GTO on at 11:30pm. Show starts at 8pm. Tomorrow's show will be recorded live for the upcoming live GTO release. It will also be broadcast live and internationally via the Digital Club Network. To check out GTO's show on the Web, click here.
  • Saturday, December 23rd at Knickerbocker's in Lincoln. 18+. Playing with the Aaron Zimmer Band. Show starts at 8:30pm.
  • Monday, December 25th, Christmas Day Night, at the Music Box. 21+. Playing with Five Story Fall and Hung Jim Corp. Doors at 7pm.

That's it for now. Gotta fly and go do more shopping. Everyone take care, be safe, and we'll be in touch soon. Absolutely all our best to you and your friends and families over the holidays and always.

Spread your wings and fly!

Curt Grubb / GTO