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The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Hey Hoppers!

I wanted to say hello, welcome our new Swarm peeps, and send a shout out to the many of you who are flying in from around the country (and having Thanksgiving dinner at my house :) for the following GTO shows over the Thanksgiving weekend in our hometown of Omaha, NE.

  • This Wednesday, November 22nd at the Ranch Bowl, ALL AGES. We're playing with Lucky Boys Confusion (from Chicago), Poppleton, and Lower Case i.
  • This Friday, November 24th at the Music Box, 21+. We're playing with Oil and On Second Thought (from Denver).
  • This Saturday, November 25th at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, 18 and over.

For all those outside of the Omaha/Lincoln area who will not be able to make it to the shows, you can see GTO play live at the Ranch Bowl on Wednesday (tomorrow) the 22nd via the web at www.dcn.com. There is a direct link to the live GTO webcast by clicking here.

There is also a set of "instructions" at the end of this email on how to get the best results for viewing the live webcast.

All of the above mentioned shows (and the shows around Christmas time) are going to be recorded live, as we are planning to release our first ever GTO Live CD sometime early next Spring. We have received so many emails from you all requesting that we put out a live CD, that you have inspired us to finally do so.

Currently, we're still writing new material in preparation of putting out a new full-length album by late Spring, 2001. And right now, I'm on my way to pick up Bob and James so that we can rehearse for the coming live GTO Turkey day onslaught.

We'll be in touch sooner than later, but right now, with all the insanity that the holiday season brings to us all, what is most on my mind is playing and rocking awesome, and eating lots of food, hoping that maybe, just maybe, my 6 foot tall, 130 pound skinny butt, just might gain a pound on Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Spread your wings and fly,

grubb / GTO



To access a live webcast, you need to have two plug-ins installed on your computer. You may already have these installed, but if you don't, here are the links:

  1. Flash - an animation language necessary to view the site - download.
  2. A RealPlayer - RealPlayer 8 Basic is the newest free audio / video player, although old versions should work as well - download.

Once these are installed, you can enter the DCN website, http://www.dcn.com.

Click on the "now playing" menu at showtime and choose the show you'd like to watch.

This will launch your "Go Live Player." Register as a new user if this is your first visit to the site. Make a note of your password for future visits. Wait for the "Go Live Player" to connect and buffer, then the player will stream the show live.

Note that the show is transmitted via SureStream, which adapts to your own computer's modem speed. The faster connection you have, the better, with T1 and ISDN connections at the top of the quality ladder. While a 28.8K connection will work, at least a 56K connection is necessary to maintain competent audio and video quality throughout the cybercast.