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** T H E S W A R M **

The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

Hello Hoppers,

I'm home alone right now and loving it. Bob's out jogging and James went swimming over at his girl's house. We had plans to rehearse today but when we went out to the van, it had a flat tire... again. This time it was, without question, sabotage. We could see the gash in the tire where some punk had stuck his knife into it. Considering this is about the fifth time this has happened, we have come to the unruly conclusion that we have some really bad dudes in da' hood.

At this point, it would not be a far cry to assume that the accident I had last February was due to these same punks intentionally severing our brake lines. That moment could have been a horrible turning point in my life had the accident been worse than it was. A punk's prank and someone could have died.

Thinking about it now makes me want to slap that person severely about the head, face and shoulders. Incarcerate him! Cut him down at the knees! There is no doubt I will not call this neighborhood home forever, but while we're here, we must have our safety.

Aside from the general hitches that come with living in Los Angeles, this Summer has been great. The beaches, babes and what not have been kind and we have been busier than ever preparing for getting on the road this Fall and releasing a 7-song CD this Winter. We will be purchasing a new van in about 3 weeks -- may Redd soon rest in peace -- and will finally be able to tour more extensively, efficiently, effectively and safely.

For those of you whose cities we have not yet played and who keep asking, "When, when, when?"........ soon young grasshopper, soon.

*******Today's Poem*******
akin to where this all begins,
the lives surround you till,
the world that you're living in,
how ravaged or how still.

fragile like a fossil,
timid as a ghost,
solid as a block of pumice,
unique as late summer's frost.

certain as an eagle,
quiet as a rock,
seven day-a-weeker,
pendulum to clock.

by special envoy speeding 'way,
guard of pre-ce-dant,
with pride that reach beyond the heavens,
make it go 'way my confidant.

In June, two new songs, "Pick it up" and "Esta Vida," were recorded at BJM Studios in Omaha with engineer Mike Brannan. We are pleased with the outcome (though we are still waiting to get the final mixes back!) and are excited to have them released. We have great confidence that you will enjoy the new songs, especially "Esta Vida."

We have also recently finished re-recording two songs off of our current CD, Gaia, at 311's studio with Nick Hexum and Chad Sexton co-engineering and producing. The songs that were chosen were "Noel" and "Purpose." Needless to say, they came out sounding completely kick ass. Aside from sounding better, both recordings have a very raw and real feel more similar to live GTO. We had a great time working on the project and are looking forward to working together again.

In August, we have plans to record three more new songs, "Forever Young," "Wanted to be There" and "Strength," in Los Angeles at Asylum Studios under the direction of engineer/producer Gabrielle Mann. When completed, all 7 of the above mentioned songs will be put together for release in November or December of '99.

Show Dates:
We're pleased to announce that Grasshopper Takeover will be returning to Omaha for live shows on the following dates:

  • Friday, August 13th at the 18th Amendment. 21 and over show.
  • Saturday, August 14th at the Ranch Bowl. ALL AGES.

For those in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas we are playing a FREE SHOW this Thursday, July 29th at the Dragonfly, one block west of Santa Monica and Vine. Show starts at 9pm, GTO takes the stage at 10:30pm.Future dates include a show at the Gig in Hollywood on Melrose on Saturday, August 27th at 10pm. Lastly, GTO will be sharing the stage with Roseanne Barr, Chris O'Donnel, Richard Marx and others, for The Children of the Night benefit to be held at CBS Studios on Saturday, September 25th. For guest list or any other information email cgrubb1969@aol.com or prfctbliss@aol.com, or call the GTO hotline at 213-719-2600.

Random Notes:

  • I have been told by our web designer that the new Grasshopper Takeover website is almost completed.
  • Check out this cool Omaha music site... www.slamomaha.com
  • GTO received some great press, including a photo spread in this month's issue of Rock City News.
  • Best modern rock/radio song we've heard in a while: "L-Train" by Too Skinny J's.
  • We have two new baby parakeets we named Hall and Oats. James and I can't stand them so Bob is taking them under his wing. (Pun intended.) They stink and shit everywhere and are messier than we are.
  • I ran into Daryl Hannah the other evening after the Chili's/Eddie Vedder show and she asked me for money to give to some poor guy on the street who was apparently lost and couldn't speak English and needed enough cash to catch a bus to where he was supposed to be. She says, "This is for real," convinced that this guy is just a normal dude who was in a bind. I said, "So where's he supposed to be? How lost is he?" She told me he was supposed to be in San Diego. I thought to myself... "uh, what?" Daryl was lookin' good, though, so I gave her a buck for effort.

Take care of yourself and others.

May rock be with you.

Grubb / GTO