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To the Mighty Swarm,

Hey all, Bob here...
While usually our Swarm newsletters are all about GTO haps, i've been charged with writing this one 'cause i have a little self-promotion to let you in on. :-)

I just released my first solo album called "Two Drag Club".
While GTO has been in hibernation, it was the perfect time for me to record some tunes of mine that I had on the back burner. It took me the better part of the last two years to record the album, so whenever free time and inspiration hit me, I ran with it.

The CD contains 14 songs that I'm fully amped on and proud of. I recorded and mixed it in my basement studio, so it gave me plenty of time to do exactly what I wanted... and go slightly crazy in the process. I got a little help from my bro's:... James played bass on 5 songs, and Curtis has a vocal cameo on one. The disc is now available at Homers for those of you in the Omaha area. For those outside of the Omaha area you can pick it up online at cdbaby.com. (Also, in the next couple/few weeks it will be available on most -- if not all -- digital download sites.)

To listen to some of the tracks, check out myspace for a preview:

On the GTO front, we've been rehearsing on a regular basis for the last month or so and it's been a riot. Simply stated: it feels good. This time around we're not practicing hurriedly for an upcoming show, none of us are bringing finished songs to the table, nothing is wrong and there are no pre-conceptions. There's no pressure, we're just letting it flow... it's crazy and it's good.

With 6+ songs on the burner to complete the last of our contiguous 3-set EP series ("Hear No Evil" and "See No Evil" already completed), "Speak No Evil" is shaping up to be our most unique and adventurous release to date. We've been digging deep in this process of discovery while at the same time letting the cards fall where they may. We've evolved individually and as a band and as such are striving to bring that truth to life through our musical creations. Looking forward to having you all along for the ride.

Much love to all..
Bob / GTO

** T H E S W A R M **

The Official Grasshopper Takeover Email Newsletter

To The Swarm,

Hello all. Long time, no speak, (we know :-). Apologies for our (s)lack
of communication as of late as since our last show we've been
hibernating in the densely wooded mountains of eastern Nebraska where
we've all been keeping plenty busy and things in the GTO camp remain
positive and forward moving.

The short story:
--James has been transferring his brilliant bass skills to the next
generation of young Omaha rockers through teaching bass at Russo's. He
also just bought a new house! (congrats bud!)
--Bob is putting the final touches on his solo CD which should be done
in a couple weeks and ready for release in January/February of '07. The
album boasts 12 pop/rock gems full to the brim with great melodies and
harmonies over the top of bumpin' music beds.
--Grubb has been producing and writing songs for a number of artists,
writing songs for a follow-up solo CD, and writing new material for a
forthcoming and brand spankin' new GTO album. He's also been doing some
commercial music writing for -- as of late -- Saturn Car Corp. (So keep
an eye out for the national Saturn Red Tag Event spot on TV in your

So, our self-prescribed hiatus has been a great thing for the band and
all of us individually as it's given us the opportunity to step away
from it all for a little while and pursue personal goals that had been
on the back burner for some time due to GTO's relentless schedule. Quite
simply, after nearly 11 years non-stop, we all needed a break, both
creatively and individually.

Creatively, (we believe you all probably feel the same) it's imperative
to us that we complete and release a new album before we jump back into
the game. We have a few songs finished thus far ("Nobody's Perfect" and
"Hip to Hip" to name a couple) and a few more should be completed by the
end of January or so. It would be nice to have it all done by the Summer
of '07, but we can't make any steadfast predictions on a release date at
this time. What we do know is, that regardless of timeframes, the new
album is going to be a project and journey that we believe in, heart and
soul, from beginning to end. Overall, it will be an album of truth or
consequence for GTO, testing ourselves and our most diehard fans as we
make efforts to create an album uniquely indicative of the present while
shedding the skin of the past. Keep an eye on our myspace.com/
grasshoppertakeover page for forthcoming new GTO songs to be posted
randomly and for short periods.

Despite our live performance schedule having quieted considerably, we
will be taking on shows from time to time. (However, we're not playing
our traditional Christmas show this year... sry.)

That said, our next live performance will be at Northwest Missouri State
University @ Bearcat Arena. Maryville, MO. on Friday, March 9th
(actually EARLY EARLY Saturday morning) for a charity event to benefit
St. Judes Children's Hospital. The event is titled 'Up 'Til Dawn'. We
actually begin playing at 4:45AM (yes, that's AM). The event is FREE and
open to the public. also, it is an ALL AGES SHOW. There are other bands playing before us, however
we're not sure what time the actual event begins... (maybe midnight or
so?). You'll have to check with the University for that and/or keep
yourself posted through our tourdates page at
www.grasshoppertakeover.com or through our myspace.com/
grasshoppertakeover page.

--If you're looking for GTO music for the holidays, you can visit
CDbaby.com for all available CDs. Or if you live in the Omaha/Lincoln
area, they're available at all Homer's locations as well.
--If you're looking for individual downloads, GTO songs are available on
pretty much every digital download site in the world from iTunes.com to
Napster.com, etc.

Any questions, comments, ideas... just want to say hello? Feel free to
email us at info@grasshoppertakeover.com or send a message through our
myspace page.

Thank you for your continued support of Grasshopper Takeover and have a
safe and happy holiday season.

Spread Your Wings and Fly!!!

GTO Swarm 12/04/05
Hello to all and happy holidays from Grasshopper Takeover,

Just a couple quick items of note:

Grasshopper Takeover's CD Release Party and 10-Year Anniversary Show!

Friday, December 23rd.
Sokol Auditorium Ballroom, 13th and Martha, Omaha, NE.
Support acts include Clever, Straight Outta Junior High, The Dog and Everything (from Chicago) and more (cool surprises).
Doors at 6pm. Show at 7pm.
$10 entry. ($15 gets you in and gets you the new CD.)
Advance Tix now available at www.Etix.com and at all Homer's locations.
All Ages Event!

Buy Tickets Direct From Etix.com »

This show will also feature the return of our friend and "Musical Comrade-In-Arms", Michael Cioffero. Most of you know that as our former lead guitarist, Michael had to leave GTO last year as he headed east to New York City to pursue his doctorate in classical performance. He's going to be back in Omaha over the Christmas holiday and we're super excited to rock with him once again for the release party.

---I recently created an "Audio MP3 Evite" for the CD release party. For those interested in receiving it via email, please email grubbgto@msn.com. Make sure to include your email address and I'll forward it on to you. Once received, we'd appreciate it if you would help spread the word about the show and forward it on to anyone and everyone you think would be interested.

---GTO's newest CD now available at www.cdbaby.com and at all Homer's locations.

--Visit our myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/grasshoppertakeover

Thanks to all for your support of Grasshopper Takeover and the release of our new CD. Until next time...

Spread Your Wings And Fly!

Swarm 11.15.05
To the Swarm,

Periwinkle sky
Falling leaves colored like plums
The end of Autumn

There's your Haiku for the day... hope it brought tears to your eyes like it did mine!

GTO's newest CD, "See No Evil", is out TODAY!
Tuesday, November 15th. You can order it right now and forever on CDbaby.com at this link... http://cdbaby.com/cd/gto3 and get it within 24 hours. So, obviously, (especially for those outside the Nebraska area) it's available online through www.CDbaby.com. For those in the Omaha/Lincoln area it's available at Homers. And, I'm sure it's elsewhere out there that we're not entirely aware of. Also, sooner than later, it will be available through all the digital download sites. Get it. It rocks. No shit. If you'd like a decent quality preview of a couple of the new songs off the new album please visit http://www.myspace.com/grasshoppertakeover

For those who don't know yet, the CD is all cover songs. The single that is all over the radio right now (thanks to 89.7 The River in Omaha) is "Baby Got Back". Now, it's kinda crazy for us to think that after an entire lifetime of playing music and writing songs that our cover version of "Baby Got Back" becomes the most requested song on radio in the Omaha/Lincoln area and probably the most played song of our career. I remember when I brought the arrangement to Bob and James to record "just for fun" and they were like, "Uh, dude, are you on drugs?". I was like, "Uh, maybe, why do you ask?" (No... not on drugs for those wondering for real.). We recorded it anyways and now... BOOM! Havin' a good time for all. :-) (It did turn out pretty f'n cool... all cheese factor aside.)

I was thinking it'd be cool if it blew up huge and then with everything we've done and accomplished to date to see ourselves years from now on VH-1's "One Hit Wonders" show. That'd be sweet. So, it's all nuts. Tea-bag 'em all day if you like. I guess you take the love where you can get the love, and currently "Baby Got Back" is spreading around the internet and over radio like a California wildfire. So thanks to all of you for spreading the word and for your support in keeping Grasshopper Takeover humbly and appreciatively on the sonic map.

We had an incredible (and I mean "INCREDIBLE") time touring with 311 last week. We played well, had a great time both on and off stage and were bummed when it all had to end. Most of you know that we've known the 311 boys since we were all stinky little babies, but all bias aside, they blew our minds with their shows as they kicked out one flawless show after another. Truly amazing and our heartfelt thanks to them and their crew for bringing us along for the ride and to those of you who were at the shows rockin' with us and making it all possible.

GTO's CD Release Party and 10-year Anniversary Show will be Friday, December 23rd at Sokol Auditorium, 13th and Martha, Omaha, NE. Support acts to include Clever, Straight Outta Junior High, The Dog and Everything (from Chicago) and more TBA. Doors are at 6pm. Show is at 7pm. Tix: Entry $12 or $15 gets you in AND gets you GTO's new CD. Tickets will only be available the night of the show.

Other items of note:

-- Pomeroy's DVD/CD release party this coming Wednesday, November 23rd (the night before Thanksgiving) at Sokol Auditorium, 13th and Martha, Omaha, NE. Support acts to include: Ludo (from St. Louis), 8th Wave (their 'Return to Rock' show... back together again!) and Haven 21. Doors are at 6pm. Show is at 7pm. Tix are $12 or $20 gets you in and gets you their double disc DVD/CD combo release. This show promises to be killer. Be there, weirdos.


And for the love of all that is holy in pooh... we ask that you kindly (even if you live outside of the Omaha area) request GTO's "Baby Got Back" on the radio via the following links, emails and phone numbers in and/or outside your area of living life in this worldly universe you call home:

89.7 The River
spicoli87@yahoo.com -- morning DJ... name: Spicoli
ccooper@iwcc.edu -- afternoon DJ... name: Christina Cooper
jakeryan897@yahoo.com -- evening DJ... name: Jake Ryan
Request line: 1-712-328-8970

94.1 Jams
ejohnson@journalbroadcastgroup.com -- music programming director, erik johnson
bigparty@channel941.com -- morning show DJ -- Big Party

Request Lines: 1-800-955-9230 ...For The Free World
Local Omaha: 1-402-938-9200
swexler@journalbroadcastgroup.com -- Steve Wexler
jthomas@journalbroadcastgroup.com -- Jim Thomas
lester@z92.com -- Lester St. James
tntshow@z92.com -- Morning show... Todd and Tyler

nevin@q985fm.com -- program director... Nevin
kfearnow@waittradio.com -- regional VP... ken fearnow
sterling@q985fm.com -- weeknight DJ... sterling
patandjt@q985fm.com -- morning show hosts... Pat and JT
Request line: 1-402-962-9898

Muchos Gracias a la fan-zays de la Takeover de la Grasshopper...
Wingos de Flias y Spreados Muchos,

GTO Swarm

The Swarm,
The new CD is done!!! We recently completed mastering and have since gone to print and are expecting the CDs back in our hands within a couple weeks. Other than being the picky little bitches that we are when it comes to our music, we believe It turned out incredible and we're really looking forward to releasing it. The final cut includes 8 songs with an additional CD-rom feature.

The CD-rom is a 15 minute glimpse inside the van through a hellishly beautiful touring trip from Omaha to Durango, Colorado, (for one show) and back again. Why we went there, we'll never know. It's mostly a completely nonsensical video of beautiful mountain scenery, James sleeping in the back of the van, and Bob being ridiculous and all of us laughing at him.

As for the music... it's all covers. Though many originals were recorded with the initial intent of releasing them along with the cover songs as a sort of "first part / second part / b-sides" (kinda bullshit offering), we decided at the final moments to leave the album as strictly covers as it just didn't make sense to fuse the two. As for the music that did make the CD, it all began as an experiment aimed at delving into the minds of great songwriters and great/hit songs. At first light, we had no intention of releasing the material but upon second light, we thought, "What the hell, why not release it?", figuring that at this point in our lives and careers, we've nothing to lose by doing pretty much anything we want in the interests of keeping things fun and alive. So, the album will soon be yours for the taking.

We did have a blast re-creating the sounds and ideas of the original tunes and believe we accomplished the task of making them something we could call our own... In full GTO-style complete with all the ease and simplicity of having someone to plagiarise from. In the process we learned a shit-ton and gratefully managed to come out with one of the better sounding records of our career. We recorded the entire CD at our vastly improved home studio and mixed it at Bassline Studios, all in Omaha, NE. You say, "Pooh". We say we told you it'd eventually come out.

The songs are as follows:
1. Baby Got Back
2. Don't Dream It's Over
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. O.P.P.
5. What's My Scene
6. Don't Ask Me Why
7. Jump
8. Take The Money And Run
Many thanks to all who were a part in the creation of this album and foremost to our fans for your continued support of Grasshopper Takeover.

-----> "See No Evil" Worldwide Release Date:
CD hits all retail and online stores on Tuesday, November 15th, 2005. For those in Omaha looking to buy direct from the record store, we recommend purchasing the CD from Homer's. For those wishing to purchase the CD online, we recommend purchasing from CDbaby.com and/or Freshtracks Music.

-----> Grasshopper Takeover CD RELEASE PARTY and 10-year Anniversary Show!!!
Come celebrate the release of our latest CD, "See No Evil", on Friday, December 23rd at Sokol Auditorium, 13th and Martha, Omaha, NE. ALL AGES SHOW! Support acts thus far include Clever, Straight Outta Junior High and others TBA. Doors at 6pm. Show at 7pm. $12 entry, or $15 entry AND new CD.

-----> Request GTO on the radio!
The album's first single, "Baby Got Back", hits radio this Monday, October 24th. For those in Omaha, listen in for the worldwide debut on Spicoli's Morning Disaster on 89.7 The River. For those outside of Omaha, your local radio stations should be receiving a copy of the CD soon, so please call in and request "Baby Got Back". You can also listen to the audio stream of "Baby Got Back" on GTO's myspace page.

-----> Upcoming Tour Dates w/ 311: (Check somewhere for exact venue locale and exact time.)

University of Illinois
Champaign, IL
7:00 PM

Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL
7:00 PM

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
7:00 PM
Visit the GTO tourdates page for updates on the CD release party and upcoming shows.
-----> Songs from almost all of GTO's catalogue, plus Grubb's solo material and even music from Grubb and Boyce's pre-GTO band, The Kind, is currently available through every major digital download service on the web from iTunes.com to Napster and beyond. 
-----> At CDbaby.com: I.D.M.
                      Grubb's Solo Album
                      The Kind

-----> Order previous/current albums ("Elephant Dreams", "International Dance Marathon", and Grubb's solo project, "Death of a Fainthearted Trailblazer") through Freshtracks Music.

-----> Other than the stuff above, all is well and somewhat oddly comfortable in the GTO camp; a calculated calm before the storm.

Grubb's parked car just got slammed into as collateral damage in an accident out front da house. Bob just got a new puppy from the pound that doesn't have a name yet (suggestions are welcome on the GTO message board). Bob and Grubb have been playin' tons of golf and still sucking ass with every swing. However, Grubb pridefully leads the season game total by 7 games (out of about 200 total rounds played this season). James is teaching bass guitar at Russo's Music. Email him at gtobass6@yahoo.com if you wanna piece. James also got a new puppy whose name is Ruggles. Bob has been hard at work on a solo project of his own with many new songs on the way. James has been working out some sweet-ass jazz renditions on classic songs like "The Pink Panther" with another guy whose name I don't know (it might be an imaginary friend). And Grubb is now engineering and producing at Bassline Studio in Omaha. For bands/artists/filmmakers/etc. looking to record/mix/etc., email Grubb at curt@grasshoppertakeover.com or curt@basslinestudio.com for a consultation and/or tour of the facility. Visit www.basslinestudio.com for more information.

That's it for now. More updates to follow soon. Until then, we hope everyone's doing great and we thank you for your continued support of Grasshopper Takeover. All our best and always....

Spread Your Wings And Fly!


Swarm Newsletter
Hello all...
Just a couple quick notes:

-- If you haven't already heard, the Ranch Bowl is closing its doors for good and GTO will be playing the last show there ever this coming Saturday, April 23rd. All Ages Show. Support acts to include Endeavor, Suspicious 5th and others TBA. 8pm show time.

-- Also, GTO will be performing this Friday, April 22nd in Kearney, NE with Anchondo, After the Order, and Tenth Hour Calling. All Ages, open to the public. Show at 6pm.

-- For the multitudes of old-schoolers who've been asking us for "Kind / Wax" CDs over the years, they are now officially and exclusively available through CDbaby.com at the following link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/kindmusic. There are only about 100 left of the real-deal physical packages... straight outta 1994... so get 'em while supplies last!
However, if you're not one of the few to get your hands on one of the last of the final packages, the music will remain available in digital form through all major download sites. See the GTO homepage for links and site locations (iTunes, Napster, etc.).

If you're wanting GTO merchandise, now's the perfect time to get it... ONLINE! We're selling off all our inventory at cost so we can replenish our supply with new goods for Spring and Summer. We're even giving away free shirts with minimum purchases.
Check it out here: http://www.grasshoppertakeover.com/merchandise/default.htm

-- Lastly, our Japanese label import of "International Dance Marathon" (including 8 bonus tracks) is now out and currently available only through http://www.rb-records.com or at one of our live shows.

That's it for now. More to come soon. (The CD is coming along swell and will be out soon!)
Have a great day and...
Spread Your Wings and Fly!!!

Swarm Newsletter
Hello to the Mighty Swarm and welcome Grasshopper Neophytes...

We hope this email finds you all happy and healthy and kicking ass in
whatever you're doing. All is moving along well in Camp GTO and much has
transpired since our last newsletter.

Currently, we're finishing up recording our forthcoming CD which we hope
to have out by May/June with a corresponding CD release party to follow.
The CD is titled "See No Evil" and is the second in our limited edition
series of 3 cover image-related releases. The disc will have from
8 to 12 songs including 6 cover tunes spanning style ranges from
Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" (it's true), to the Beatles'
"Eleanor Rigby". We'll be in touch when we nail down a release date,
but until then visit our site from time to time for audio snippets
of what's to come.

Friday, April 22nd. Kearney, NE.
Friday, June 17th. Lincoln, NE.
Please visit the tourdates page on our website for full details.
Live performance dates will remain limited until our CD is released
this Spring. Post release we'll begin playing live more overall and
touring throughout the region. If you'd like us to play your city,
email us at info@grasshoppertakeover.com and let us know!

Our Japanese release of "International Dance Marathon", which includes
7 bonus tracks (four of which are all new!), is slated for official
release in Asia this coming Wednesday, March 23rd. If you can read
Japanese ;-) and would like more info please visit our label,
RB-Records, at http://www.rb-records.com. However, for the 99.99% of
you who can't read Japanese, we can tell you that soon the import will
be available in limited release via online at CDbaby.com, at Homer's
locations in Omaha and Lincoln, and where ever GTO plays live.

For the many of you who over the years have asked us if there were any
more Kind CDs available, we recently (literally) stumbled over an old
box of them in the attic. We are in the process of having them
packaged and will soon have them for sale (again in limited release)
online at http://www.CDbaby.com, at Homer's locations in Omaha and
Lincoln, and where ever GTO plays live. There are only about 100 left
in total (and forever), so get 'em while supplies last! Songs from
this album will also be available, in time, for digital download at
all major sites.

Beginning April 1st, we will be having a major MERCHANDISE CLEARANCE
SALE exclusively for online orders placed through our site. We're
cutting prices (essentially down to cost) to clear out our current
inventory in order to get new goods for the Spring and Summer. Visit
http://www.grasshoppertakeover.com/merchandise for
everything GTO... and cheap!

For those of you looking to fill your I-Pods and computers with GTO
muzac, we are now fully loaded for Digital Download at all major
locations including I-tunes.com, Napster.com, and many more. Visit
our homepage for the most current list of digital download sites
where GTO can be found. And/or, if you're looking to receive the
entire package online, please visit http://www.freshtracksmusic.com
or http://www.cdbaby.com for easy ordering and speedy delivery.

GTO is pleased and honored to announce a once in a lifetime special event:
On May 6th, 2006, Grasshopper Takeover will be playing live --
in all of rock's furious glory --with the insanely-talented and
internationally recognized Omaha Symphony Orchestra. As you can
imagine, we are very excited about this collaborative opportunity
and can't wait to bring it to you live. Exact location and further
details TBA.

And lastly, we'd like to bid a fond farewell to our friend, lead
guitarist and musical comrade, Mike (Ciffy) Cioffero. As many of
you know, Mike is a unique and incredibly talented guitarist versed
deeply in the classical arts. Last November he received his masters
degree in classical performance from the University of Nebraska at
Omaha. Soon thereafter (and inevitably) in February, he chose to
continue his schooling in pursuit of his doctorate. And because
there are so few schools in the country that offer doctorate
degrees specific to Mike's pursuits, he was inclined to move to
New York and thus, unfortunately, had to leave GTO. His departure
was amicable but bittersweet and we wish him the very best in
everything he does.

Conversely, many of you who had heard of Mike's departure prior to
this newsletter, emailed us asking (among other things) "Who was
going to take his place?" To answer: we're now playing temporarily
with a solid, spitfire guitarist, equally talented in his own right,
named Ben Zinn. We're pleased to have him on board and look forward
to rocking live with him in the future. If you want to say hello
and welcome him to the camp, you can email him at benzinn1@hotmail.com.

That's it for now. More to come as the CD release date and touring draws nearer.
Until then, take care of one another and...
Spread Your Wings And Fly!

And Finally... Some Justice!
It was recently announced that the guy responsible for stealing our van and equipment has been sentenced to prison! Read the full article here >

New (old) Photos Posted - FINALLY!
After quite a delay (sorry!) and some late Spring Cleaning, we've got some new photos posted to the Photo Gallery!

Check out a huge batch from our trip to Las Vegas last summer for VH1's Summer's End Concert as well as a bunch of miscellaneous images from various shows and stuff we've received via email.

Keep 'em coming, and enjoy!

Grubb's Solo CD ready for release!
hey all, grubb's solo cd is fully completed, back from the dup house and in my hands. :-)it's called "death of a fainthearted trailblazer" and has 11 tracks on it.

For anyone wishing to order an advance, signed copy, please send $10 in any form to:
Grubb Solo CD
843 So. 60th St.
Omaha, NE 68106

much thanks to the many of you who have already ordered an advance copy. the discs are in the mail and should be in your hands any day now.

it will soon be available through cdbaby.com and at all homer's record stores on its 'official release date' of june 8th.

available soon: www.curtgrubb.com

thanks much and have a great day!

Pics from Ames show on 3/31

Recent Online Interview With Lazy-i.com

Elephant Dreams is now available for ordering online at CDBaby.com!

Click here to order now!

CD Release Success!!!
We can't thank the fans, friends, bands and the entire Omaha music community enough for their overwhelming support at last night's CD release. It was simply the most incredible experience we've ever had in our 7 year run as GTO. We've toured coast to coast, shared the stage with thousands of bands, and witnessed other communities come out to "support" their local bands and never have we seen anything even remotely close to what the music community and fan support base has to offer here in Omaha.
Truly incredible...

--Final count: 1,541 through the door
--CDs sold: 1,121
--The internet live audio stream reached out to listeners worldwide as far as Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Germany, soldiers in Iraq, and coast to coast in the US.

Happy Thanksgiving and, again, thank you. Keep on believing, and...
Spread Your Wings And Fly!!!

"Elephant Dreams" now available at all Homer's locations.

CD Release party line-up
Grasshopper Takeover CD RELEASE PARTY details:

8th Wave from 8pm to 8:30
Anchondo from 8:50 to 9:20
Pomeroy from 9:40 to 10:20
GTO from 10:45 to ???

Doors open at 7pm. Show at 8pm.
Tickets: $10 entry or $12 entry and CD.

Come one, come all!!!
See ya there!

CD is done!
hey all, wanted to let you know that our full-length CD is completed. It is called "Elephant Dreams" and has 19 songs on it. It came out incredible and we can't wait for you all to hear it and own it. Hope you all can make it out to our CD release party on 11.26.03 at Sokol Hall with Pomeroy and Anchondo and possibly the Dog and Everything from chicago. It's an all ages show. Doors at 7pm and show at 8pm. tix are $10 or $12 for entry AND a CD. Don't Miss It! And please help to spead the word about the show! If you would like to receive a copy in the mail as soon as we get it back from the manufacturer, please send $10 in any form to:
GTO Elephant Dreams
843 So. 60th St.
Omaha, NE 68106
be sure to include your return mailing address and we'll get it out to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your ongoing support and spread your wings and fly!!!

Rough outline for full-length CD release
Hey all, the final stages of finishing up the CD are going great and we're extremely excited to have you all hear the final product. This album is turning into quite the epic project to include somewhere between 18 and 20 songs and all sorts of other cool shit i won't tell ya about now so it's more a surprise when you hear it for the first time. below is a rough outline of the template for the disc. thought you might enjoy seeing what's gonna be on it. be in touch on our message board as i've posted it there and spread your wings and fly,

"Elephant Dreams"

Prelude: The Heist
a. Kangaroo Song pt. 1: The Birth of Joey
b. Charge Of The White Elephant
c. The Swarm

In A Box (time)
Tumbleweed (time)
Love In Between (time)
Slow Killer (time)
Make Love, Not War (time)

Interlude 1: Messages From Heaven And Hell

Money Back (time)
Best For You (time)
The Queen Is Coming (time)
Omaha (time)
Owe It To You (time)
No Pressure (time)

Interlude 2: The Fire
a. Kangaroo Song pt. 2: Escape From The Pouch

Up And On My Way (time)
Emily Rose (time)
Two Timin' Man (time)
Doin' Time (time)
Long Live Rock & Roll (time)

Interlude 3: The Recovery
a. Kangaroo Song pt. 3: The Greatest Leap

Esta Vida (time)
Save Yourself (time)
Gavotte en Rondeau from Suite, BWV 1006a (time) Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), performed by Cioffero


All songs recorded at GTO's 843 Studios in Omaha, NE.
Mixed by Jim Homan, Jay Hanson and GTO at Ware House Productions in Omaha, NE.
Mastered by Doug Van Sloan at Studio B in Omaha, NE.
Produced by Grubb and Boyce
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In Loving Memory of David Barker

- Grubb

Watch the 10PM news broadcast on Omaha's KETV Channel 7 for a segment on GTO!

Omaha Metro Area channel 7, Channel 9 on Cox Cable.

Vegas Details
hey all... so this is all i know so far:
the show is on 8/30 at the Paris Hotel and Casino. GTO will be playing a quick 20 minute set (better than nothin'!). i don't know the exact time we play yet though or the order we are playing in. also, the band has been given 25 comp tix for those of you who are going to be flying out there to join the show. so far, i think we have about 10 left that aren't spoken for yet. if you want to go, please email me and let me know and i will set aside tix for you. tix will be distributed first come first serve basis. the room in the paris hotel that the show is taking place is called Le Theatre Des Arts. GTO is staying at the Paris Hotel. Flying out friday morning 8/29 and returning 9/1. that's all i know for now. will fill ya in further when i get more details.

A Thousand Thanks to all our friends/fans for voting for us on budweiser.com cuz... we're going to Vegas Baby! Just today we received the news that GTO is one of four bands who received the most votes allowing us to play the VH-1 taped concert in Las Vegas with the Goo Goo Dolls and The Donnas on Saturday, August 30th. We can't believe it and can't thank you all enough for voting for GTO over the past month of the contest.
We'll keep ya posted through the site with more details as we get them. Also, see GTO in this month's issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Angelina Jolie on the cover!
Spread Your Wings And Fly!!!

Swarm 07/18/03
To The Swarm,

GTO is in the August 7th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine which hit stands TODAY! We're featured as a premier band in the Bud True Music Live Program right after page 52. It is the issue with Angeline Jolie on the cover.

Saturday, August 9th at the Ranch Bowl Entertainment Center. Come celebrate the release of our EP, "Hear No Evil", which includes three brand new songs. "No Pressure", "Long Live Rock and Roll", and "Make Love, Not War".
Special guests include Anything But Joey (from KC), Pedestrian and Black Light Sunshine. Doors @ 7pm. Show @ 8:15pm. Tix: $8 gets you into the show and $10 gets you entry AND a CD! ALL AGES EVENT!!!

At the EP release party, GTO has invited the men and women of the Omaha Police Department's North Omaha Gang Unit who were responsible for recovering our stolen equipment, to come to the show where we'll be presenting them on stage with a framed certificate of merit making them "Honorary GTO Band Members". We'll also be raffling off another signed guitar in the efforts of raising money for the O.P.D.'s Victim's Assistance Program. During our set, we'll also present the Victim's Assistance Program with a check for how ever much money we raise. To date, we have raised $250 and will hopefully double that by the time of the presentation on August 9th.
Please help us in raising money for this very personal and individualized program by donating any amount you're comfortable with. All money collected will go directly to the Victim's Assistance Program. Please send $$$ in any form to:
GTO Charity
843 So. 60th St.
Omaha, NE 68106
All donations are tax deductible. Any checks may be written out to either "Grasshopper Takeover" or "OPD Victim Assistance Unit". The money you donate goes DIRECTLY to the victims of violent crimes who do not have money for hospital bills, counseling, long-term care, etc.

For those of you who cannot make it to the EP release party in omaha and who would like to receive a CD in the mail, please send $7 in any form to:
GTO EP "Hear No Evil"
843 So. 60th St.
Omaha, NE 68106
Make sure to include your RETURN MAILING ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS.
And if you would like to be a part of GTO's Street Team/Fan/Friend Distribution Program, we'll send you out 15 discs for only $30. This price covers our cost of CDs and shipping only. We make no money off this. We make this consolation because in return we hope that those of you who participate in this program will effectively distribute the CDs to friends, radio, press, clubs, consignment in record stores (where you get to make the profit), etc., in your area of the country. As we have no current national distributor, we hope many of you take advantage of this opportunity to not only put a little dough in your pocket through your own resale efforts, but also help GTO fulfill one of our most important goals: GETTING THE MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE!

For those of you with XM Satellite Radio, tune into their Radio Unsigned-Channel 52. There is a feature program called RADAR which features, (according to the DJs there at XMSR), "the best music they receive from around the country from unsigned bands." We're priviledged and proud to be a part of that program as it's a great compliment. The song they will be featuring is "No Pressure".

The True Music Live band with the most online votes gets flown to Vegas to play a VH-1 sponsored/filmed show with the Goo Goo Dolls and The Donnas. Please log on and vote for GTO today! The contest continues through July 31st.

We have recently been informed that a friend and fan of ours has stage four melanoma cancer. GTO will be headlining a benefit show in helping to raise money for our friend and show our support for him as he soon will be heading to Washington for intense white blood cell treatment. Ryan is a great kid with worlds of life in him. He is in our thoughts and prayers for a successful treatment and speedy recovery.
The show is at Sokol Underground on Friday, August 8th and will feature many great bands all there to raise money from Ryan and show him all the support we can. Details regarding times, tix prices, bands included, etc., will be posted soon on the GTO website tour dates page.

We have recently transitioned our Swarm email list to a different web server. In this process, some emails were lost. Please help us to revitalize the Swarm by forwarding this email to friends who you think would like to be kept informed of GTO happenings. New subscribers can go to our website at www.grasshoppertakeover.com and sign up at the bottom of every/any page on the site.

Spread Your Wings And Fly!!!
Curtis Grubb / GTO

To the Swarm:

Grasshopper Takeover EP Release Party!
Come on out and join the celebration as we release our first of a series of three EPs titled, "Hear No Evil," at the Ranch Bowl on Saturday, August 9th. All Ages show. Entry $7. CD and Entry $10. Bands TBA. (see website for more details as date draws nearer.)
Songs include: "No Pressure", "Long Live Rock and Roll", and "Make Love, Not War". Lyrics and Flash/real time plays available soon on the music page at www.grasshoppertakeover.com

This Tuesday, July 8th at the Royal Grove in Lincoln, NE.
GTO opens for the Gin Blossoms!

Saturday, July 19th at the Ranch Bowl.
GTO opens for Pomeroy to help them celebrate the release of their new EP, "Identity". ALL AGES.

Other Dates to Watch:
July 10th at the Bone in St. Joseph, MO
July 23rd at Duffy's in Lincoln, NE
August 1st at the Red Carpet in St. Cloud (opening for Panoramic Blue)
August 2nd at Bunkers in Minnapolis (opening for Panoramic Blue)

Just yesterday GTO entered into a management agreement with Ari Nisman of DEGY Entertainment. He was the industry rep. that flew into see us on our 6/20 show at the ranch bowl in omaha (which was the most fun we'd had a show all year!). He loved the show and the fans and the support you all gave us and we're now happy to have Ari and DEGY Ent. on our team. He's an experienced music manager, a great guy and is extremely enthusiastic about GTO future and helping to take the band to the next level. Feel free to say hello to Ari through www.degy.com

VOTE on budweiser.com
If you haven't done so already (or wish to do so again) please go to www.budweiser.com and vote for GTO by clicking on the "true music live", then click on "talent", then click on GTO and the rest is self-explanatory. you can vote every day if you feel so inclined. the band with the most votes gets flown out to Vegas to play a VH-1 concert with the Goo Goo Dolls and the Donnas and GTO is in the running!

Rolling Stone
GTO will be featured in a TML spread in the August issue of Rolling Stone Mag. This is what we've been told, anyway. If for any reason it doesn't happen, feel free to email the editor of RS for a full refund on your purchase.

Everyone have a fun and safe 4th of july!
Spread your wings and fly,

GTO in Rolling Stone
it's official: Grasshopper Takeover will be featured in the August 7th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. The issue should be out in late July. It will be a two-page spread sponsored by Bud featuring GTO as one of the True Music Live program's premier bands including photo and small write up.
Spread your wings and fly!!!

GTO will officially be releasing a three-song EP on August 9th at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE. Come one, come all, tell your friends and lovers. Bands are still TBA. All ages, of course. The EP release will be the first in a series of three. The cover design will be posted soon on the music page of the website along with snippets of MP3 clips and lyrics.

Hey all, we have just been made aware that Budweiser is sponsoring a super cool contest for all True Music Live bands. The contest is one in which the winner, determined by the most votes online, gets flown out to Las Vegas to play a show with The Goo Goo Dolls and The Donnas. So, we're hoping you can help us out.
To vote for Grasshopper Takeover please take the following steps:
1. Log onto www.budweiser.com (the bud home page asks for your birthdate, so for those of you under 21, please type in a year that will make you over 21. any year before 1981 will work and get you into the site.)
2. Click on the "Music" tab at the top
3. Click on the "True Music Live" tab at the bottom
4. Click on "Talent" on the left
5. Click on "Grasshopper Takeover" (right now, we're the first band listed)
6. Click on "Click here to vote...." in the lower middle of the screen
7. A pop-up window will appear in which you can then vote for Grasshopper Takeover.
(it asks you to vote for four bands which you may do, but if you do not know any other bands to vote for you can just vote for one... and it better be GTO!!! :)

Though there are 7 steps, it really only takes like 3 minutes on a 56k modem. You can vote more than once too once you have closed your browser out and re-opened it, so any votes and help with this is greatly appreciated.

Also, we just found out we have been nationally advertised on VH1 over the past week and it will continue through this Thursday. The time slots are CST (i think) 11pm to 1am.

And, it's looking REALLY GOOD that GTO is going to be in an August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine as a feature band in the BTML program. Keep your fingers crossed.

We'll be in Denver, Vail, Breckenridge, Denver again, and Sioux Falls, SD. this week from the 25th through the 29th. Check the site for more details.

Thank you to the greatest fans in the world.
Spread your wings and fly!

We've just released a new issue of The Swarm email newsletter. You can read it online by clicking here. Be sure to sign up to receive a copy in your email inbox and stay current with everything we've got going on!

the greatest day
To The Swarm:
At 6:45am today, june 5th, i recieved a call from the omaha police department telling me that detectives in their auto theft division had found and recovered our equipment. the feeling was unexplainable. elation, joy, gratitude, relief and so much more rushed through me like it never has before.

at 9am bob and i went down to the police station and were taken to identify the equipment. every single piece of it -- down to guitar picks and drum sticks -- was recovered. it was one of the most unbelievable feelings we've ever experienced.

two men whose names have been released to the media were arrested last night as the perpetrators in the crime. as the investigation is ongoing, that is all the information i am allowed to mention for now, but we can all only hope and pray that these men are put away for a long time so they do not have the opportunity to do this to anyone ever again.

i want to say from the depths of our hearts how thankful we are to the omaha police department, the council bluffs police department, the media, our families, friends, fans and the entire omaha-area community for their incredible support throughout such a dark time for us. it was so powerful and moving to receive hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls from people throughout omaha (and the entire country) expressing sorrow and offering support in every way possible. in many instances people i had never met in my life who had heard of our story through the media contacted us offering equipment to play, money to help us get back on our feet, and vehicles for permanent loan until we were able to afford a new one. one young fan of ours even offered his brand new guitar his parents just bought him last week. our friends in the omaha/lincoln/council bluffs music community came forth in droves offering anything and everything they could and many were in the process of putting together a benefit show for us. it was truly incredible.

we extend our gratitude and thanks to everyone who offered condolences and support a thousand times over. we cannot thank you enough as it was your support that kept us going and let us know we were not alone no matter how hard it seemed. in the end, it is the culmination of everyone's efforts on every level that brought us to this moment and it is a good day not only for GTO but for the entire community.

while our van was torched and is a total loss, we are grateful for all that we have had returned to us but most grateful, again, for all who stood by our side throughout this entire ordeal. the last few days have been grasshopper takeover's darkest moments and i am overjoyed to say now that this is our finest hour.

grubb, bob, james and mike

the stars are aligned
Okay... you all won't believe this....
as you have read earlier in the day, all of our equipment has been
recovered and is now in our possession. as this day was one of the most
satisfying in so many ways in my life, i would have never thought it
could have gotten better. but, yet, it did.

approximately 6 hours after we received the call regarding our
equipment, i received another call from my friend, Dave Webber (channel
6 sports anchor). he called me from his cell and from inside a 1995
White Dodge Conversion Van which he had just purchased at an auto
auction. it was then that he told me that he bought the van for GTO!!!
so, now, we not only have ALL of our equipment back but we also have a
brand new van thanks to dave.

can you even imagine how we're feeling right now?!?!? with all this
luck and good fortune at the hands of others, we are once again more
grateful than we can express.

spread your wings and fly!!!
grubb, bob, james and mike

ps... i really think i should go buy a lottery ticket!

AT&T's 1-800-CALL-ATT site is featuring a "Battle of the bands" in which we have entered "Esta Vida" as our song to vote for.

Click here to visit AT&T's site and vote for GTO! Just click on the "Cast Your Vote" graphic, choose your preferred connection speed, click "1-800-CALL-ATT" on the keypad, and then click the "Cast Your Vote" button at the very top pf the page - AND VOTE FOR GTO!!!

We've got 100 SIGNED AND NUMBERED CD samplers we're giving away at the Ranch Bowl show on June 20th. Be sure to come to this show - it's going to be the Rock Event of the summer!

GTO inducts new guitarist and fourth member
hey all, we wanted to let you in on some exciting news. last evening we all went out for dinner and drinks and formally invited mike cioffero (pronounced "Chif-ferro") to play with us as our new lead guitarist, marking an end to GTO as a 3-piece and marking a new beginning for our sound and strength of our live show. long story short, cioffero is the most incredible guitarist we've ever heard or had the privilege to play with. he is classically trained and teaches classical guitar at creighton university and college of st. mary's where he is head of his department. aside from his unique talents, he is a stellar guy which, talented or not, is the primary reason we asked him to join the band. when you see us live, we believe his nature and talents will leave no doubt that he is the right man for the job.
some of you have emailed asking why we were looking for a new guitarist at all. if you have ever heard me do a guitar "solo" then your questions might be immediately answered as role of lead guitarist has never been a strong point for me. our initial thoughts of adding another guitarist were spawned by our desire to give our fans the complete listening experience when it came to our live show in relation to our recorded CD. examples of this are: you will now hear the steel drums over the chorus of "esta vida" (since cioffero has a synth trigger connected to his guitar), you will hear the keyboard melody in the bridge to "bonecrusher", you will hear insanely kick ass solos, counter-melodies and sounds over our new songs, and, overall, you will hear a much tighter and fuller GTO unlike ever before.
we realize the visual aspect of seeing a fourth member on stage for the first time ever may be difficult to overcome, but have confidence that what you hear (especially when cioffero plays a bach symphony, live, all by memory, and on electric guitar) will ease any doubts you may have.
when speaking of our fans and friends, we speak with great pride of your incredible, perservering, rock-solid and undying support of GTO and thus we are priviledged to have the opportunity to introduce you to cioffero and him to you. from this day forward, including our upcoming shows in lincoln at knickerbockers on may 9th and our show at the ranch bowl in omaha on may 10th you will be able hear us with mike cioffero: officially, lead guitarist and fourth member of Grasshopper Takeover.
Spread your wings and fly,
grubb / GTO

New Road Notes Added
We've just posted a new Road Notes entry titled "13 hours to Denver." In case you're not familiar with driving to Denver from Omaha, it should only take about 8 hours to get there. Read more about what happened.

hey all, just wanted to let you know that GTO is currently the "Band of the Month" on www.budweiser.com which we are, naturally, very excited about. i can't even imagine how many hits that site get's a day but it has to be in the thousands and thousands. have a great day!
grubb / GTO

letter from Tyson (pomeroy's new keyboardist)
hey all, just wanted to post this email from tyson, pomeroy's new (incredible) keyboardist. all's well in camp GTO. will be in touch in the near future with new updates, but right now i'm getting ready to go out of town to baton rouge, LA for a friend's wedding. i'm singing "wonderful world" in it.
be good,

Rock Island, IL... Stardate: 3:00 a.m. approx.

My name is Tyson Leslie. My occupation is part-time door to door Gynecologist and full time piano player for a Kansas City based band called Pomeroy. You might have heard of them. They were eaten by Grasshoppers recently and it made the morning papers some time in March. Well this is my story of how I was abducted and how I narrowly escaped the grasshopper's attempt at taking over my body, mind, and soul.

I had never been to Rock Island before. It was very industrial, cold and had a strong sense of Military about it and it was downright eerie. (Sure the Military thing had to do with their fight against the swarm of the 'hoppers, but that's another story.)

We pulled in and began to setup our gear at this club when suddenly out of nowhere these three huge grasshoppers came in and started tearing our stuff down and jumping about on the stage screaming some shit about "Esta Vida" (whatever that meand) and telling me to "take me with you" like that would be any fun. We were like, "fuck this, they could kill us! Let's get outta here."

We got about halfway out of the parking lot only to see road barriers keeping us in and an angry club owner standing outside with a baseball bat in one hand and a machine gun in the other.

"If you guys don't turn around and get back in here, there's gonna be trouble!" he said.

We pulled back in and walked inside and there was a crazy woman who had fallen for the grasshopper spell. She was defintely high from the juice. Soon she would be topless and posing for photos that she couldn't possibly want to see the next day. One of our crew members saved her from the bunch and took her home to her uh... 'cabin'.

So anyway, the wrath of the grasshopper's was about over, and the place was torn apart. Wood chips and dirt was everywhere. Carnage and destruction was all that was left in the path after they stormed the stage.

We too had been taken over by the grasshopper juice and made an attempt to go on afterword. By the end of the night, all minds had been erased by the grasshopper juice and we stumbled out of the bar and made our way to the hotel.

It was a mad dash to the rooms as the Grasshoppers followed. As the Pomeroy crew walked to the hotel, the Grasshopper's came again and grabed me away and took me to where I thought was going to be their lair.

It turned out to be a frightening truckstop restaraunt with very good food I might add... The head grasshopper demanded milk be brought out with his meal. The waiter was shaking in his boots. He'd never seen something so terrifying.

We ate the food and I was rushed back into the Grasshoppermobile and taken back to the hotel where I was chased about the corridors of a cheap hotel and hid in the closet until the noise had passed.

I pulled out my key card and found the Pomeroy room, and made it safe to homebase well into the morning hours.

And the funny thing is... I can't wait to do it again.

Great band, great people, great grasshoppers, fuckin' amazing music.

A slew of new photos have been added to the Photos page. Taken at our most recent gig at People's in Ames, Iowa. Check them out!

GTO receives Bud Sponsorship!!!
great news to share with you all... grasshopper takeover has been accepted for tour sponsorship as part of a cool new program budweiser is running called "Bud True Music Live." the program is dedicated to independent bands who bud feels are deserving of the kind of recognition that would otherwise be afforded to the band through a major label and who bud feels have "national potential". we're very excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to extra promotions provided to us through the program... not to mention the brand new Paul Reed Smith Bud-embossed guitar with flames ripping up the side!!! whether you know it or not, you (our friends and fans) are greatly responsible for helping GTO to get this opportunity as a result of your ongoing and undying collective support. thank you and spread your wings and fly!
grubb / GTO

ps... see news note below this one for road notes and tour dates.

Road Notes and Tour Dates
check out the road notes page and read of bob's recollection of taking nude pictures of himself in the van on our way from ames to iowa city. pics and text now up!

and don't forget to visit the Tour Dates page as new dates have been added and are being added virtually every day!
spread your wings and fly,
grubb / GTO

tour kick-off
hey all, just wanted to let Ames, Iowa City and Chicago know that we had a GREAT time playing the shows in your areas. all the gigs were awesome and ended up being a better-than-we-were-expecting beginning to our tour. Ames, especially, was off the hook! we appreciate all of your responses via email regarding the shows and keep 'em comin'.
sooooo much shit goin' on in camp GTO right now. can't wait to tell you all about it as it develops. new tunes, new deals, new players, new merch page, new pics and more. anybody got any ideas on what we should put on the homepage? the script on there now is kinda past the point of "newness" as we launched the website a couple months ago. let us know if you have something good.
right now bob is downstairs mixing down a tune he wrote, james is jammin' with him and i'm working on more dates outta town. see ya soon! spread your wings and fly!

Sat. March 8th
does anyone out there know of any shows we could jump on for sat. march 8th in the KS/MO area? anything will do as we are simple road whores wanting to play much more than return home :)

Street Team peeps needed!
to all GTO Ambassadors of Sound:
we are looking for two street teamers to sell merch at every show we have listed on our tourdates page. (two per show.) you can get in free and we'll give ya copius amounts of love and affection. contact me at curt@grasshoppertakeover.com and lemme know you want to do it and we'll make sure and have you on the list for the show. thanks for all the support!!! cya soon!

.....The Part Of Me.....
Hey all, it's been a long day. I'm tired but feeling accomplished. The past couple weeks I’ve been getting tons of dates out of town and we’ve been sending out packages to radio and press and doing whatever we can between the three of us to make this tour a success. It's costing us a mint to do it but, hey, anything for rock and roll, right?

The past couple months I’ve been feeling really good about things. I have a great outlook for 2003 as we've got our CD coming out, the music is sounding better than I could have hoped when we first began recording in our basement, our fans are really pumped for what's to come, my family and friends are doing alright, I've got a solo album I'm working on, I'm in a creative up-cycle, the tour is upon us, and lots of other stuff that makes me think it's all gonna work itself out fine.

Over the past couple years while we were recording our album and keeping a pretty low profile, it was a crazy time for me with family/personal problems, the death of my grandma and the suicide of one of my long-time and best friends, David Barker. I kept praying for it all to end but it seemed like as soon as one tragedy was over, another came up and kicked me in the face. But (knock on wood a million times) life is good now and I feel that the experiences of the past couple years have made me a wiser and more caring individual. I've always considered myself somewhat of a late bloomer whether it be spiritually, creatively, physically... so maybe I somehow, in some twisted way, needed these experiences to help me to grow enough to catch up to the fast pace of life. Or maybe I should think of it in terms of life finally catching up to me. Either way, I’m living in the 'here and now' and feeling better equipped for anything that Heaven or Hell may send my way.

A week ago one of my best friends emailed me and told me he wanted to talk about his wedding. Upon reading the email, I was thinking he would be wanting me to be an usher or a groomsman or to sing a song. (I have come to be the proverbial ‘wedding singer’ amongst my friends for their weddings). When he called the following weekend, he did indeed ask me to be a part of his wedding. But it was not to perform any of the aforementioned duties listed above. Instead what he asked of me was one of the greatest honors and compliments I have ever received... He asked me if I would marry him and his fiancé. I couldn’t believe it and thinking of it now, I still can’t believe it. It’s so cool. As a result of my friend’s request, I am now in the process of getting ordained to be a legal minister! Pretty crazy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think life would send me down this path. But it feels good and I’m looking forward to the entire process, from ordainment to the moment when I say, “I now pronounce you man and wife!” My stomach’s turning right now just thinking about it. But I know when it’s all over and I look back upon it, it will undoubtedly be one of the coolest experiences of my life.

I've also been intermittently writing a collection of songs over the past year or so that I plan to release as a solo project sometime this Summer. I’m very excited about this project because it is a great departure for me and unlike anything I’ve ever done creatively. It is shaping up to be a an audio diary of my life over the past couple years. I first started writing it simply as a release from my day to day life, but as it developed I began to sense something special about it. So I just went with the flow and now it is almost finished. My general philosophy behind the recordings and songs was to rely fully on the moment of creation itself with little attention paid to detail; such as if I would mess up a part on guitar or sing a little off pitch. As long as I was in the moment and feeling the song, and still able to portray lyrically and musically what I wanted to, then that was all I was looking for. The songs are mellow and the vocals are rich; the lyrics are honest and the writing real; it’s kinda sad at times but, throughout, there is an undertow of hope. It is representative of the part of me that yearns for the past as I come to see the realities of the future; the part of me that lay awake in the strangeness of night wishing that my loving and missed and dead friend, David, would come back to me in a vision; the part of me who forgives my father for his faults and addictions that are not in his control; the part of me that wakes up early to write a song and looks to my garden for inspiration; the part of me that believes he can see the future; the part of me that loves my life and the people in it so much that it scares me; the part of me that knows that right now is only temporary and that we are all vehicles for the greater good.

Spread your wings and fly,

(see message boards for responses and input)

Hello to the Swarm,
Well, the holidaze are over (happy new year!), the hometown shows went well, the CD is in mixdown phase and GTO is gearing up to get back out on the road. I'm currently booking dates in the midwest in a pattern that includes weekly 4 to 5-day (wed. thru sat.) outings in the following cities and states:
1. ames IA, des moines IA, IA city and rock island Ill.
2. sioux falls SD, Minneapolis, Madison WI and Chicago.
3. Lincoln NE, Denver, Boulder, Ft collins and Vail
4. Lawrence KS, Kansas city, Columbia, St louis.
5. Omaha
With a lot of hard work and a little luck, we should be able to maintain this schedule with each mini-tour repeating itself every five weeks. we will continue to do this until our new CD is completely done and/or the weather warms up enough for us to venture further in all directions from omaha.
i am writing to let you all know our plans and hoping that you will be able to offer some assistance regarding booking these shows and spreading the word so that the tours are successful. your help can come in many forms including, but not limited to, making phone calls to radio stations or local newspapers to help us get some play and/or write-ups, calling/emailing all your friends to come out to the show so that there are plenty of people there which will increase our chances greatly of the club asking us back without any reservations, talk some friends of yours who are involved in booking clubs or working at bars that we should play so that they can put in a word for us which always helps to open otherwise tough doors to get into, send us ideas on cities and clubs that you feel would be good for us to play in the above tour circuits, burn Cds for friends at school before our arrival to familiarize them with the music (if they want the real thing they can email us for it), make posters for flyers prior to the shows, etc., etc.
we're not asking you to spend days and weeks doing everything you can to make our world an easier place to live, but if everyone who is willing would do one or two little things then between all who are on our mailing list and active with this site and gto as a whole, the little things you all do will add up greatly acting as one giant underground rock and roll fighting force.
i've just began making the phone calls and sending out the emails so it will prolly be about a month before any dates start to come back as confirmed. thanks for your ongoing support and hope to see you soon.

as a sidenote... yesterday i was struggling with trying to find a way to efficiently distribute our CDs to all the necessary cities and then (i think) i came up with a good idea. (bear with me.)
the idea was to have you, our fans and friends, act as our CD distributors. what i was thinking we could do is offer our current International Dance Marathon CD and our New CD (upon completion) at cost ($3) for anyone willing to order 10 or more. total cost to you for 10 CDs ordered would be $30 plus shipping (total: prolly like $35). on your end, you would then act as a distributor for GTO and would be able to sell the CDs for $10 bucks to friends at school, etc. or you could put them on consignment in your favorite local record store. whatever you think is best for your area. if you were to keep one CD and sell 9 then, effectively, you could make $55 dollars plus have a free CD for yourself.
what gto would get out of it in return would be to have our music "out there" where it would be otherwise very difficult for us to do. we do not wish to make any money off this, and by offering the CDs at cost, we're just hoping not to lose money.
lemme know what you all think (another one of my hair-brained schemes or pure genius? :) if anyone is interested or has anything to add regarding this and/or the tour email me at grubbgto@aol.com
have a rockin' good day!
spread your wings and fly,

This is the Life
This is the life
of a lost and lonely man
another grain of sand
another unrealized plan
to make him more than just a man
but never followed through
never knows quite what to do
knows wrong from right
such is his plight
makes for an ironic life
always fighting always crying
never flying ever dying
from the outside to the in
always loses never wins
don't know how or where to begin
cannot see the end
has no vision sees no light
lives his life by second sight
and though he tries with all his might
to rid himself of fright
the fear festers deeper
his ideas only get cheaper
soon he's ready and prepared
to sell his soul on a dare
there's nothing left to lose
it was lost to the abuse
that he alone put himself through
it's not me it's you
only lies never truth
he's black and blue
beats himself up
for an exuse
to blur the truth
and lines of youth
and wisdom binds
his hands are tied
there's nothing he can do
this is the life.

Untitled Poem
by curt grubb

Enamored as the iris by the lily’s petalled rays,
Misty sweet as morning dew and melting sugar glaze.
Her eyes a storm of sapphires reigning heavy on my heart,
Her touch a breath from angels blowing kisses through the stars.
Her lips a hue of dusty pink from rose petals in bloom,
Her skin a silken tapestry spun from Heaven’s loom.
And those moments when I can’t believe she loves me like she does,
Remind me more of who I am than ever who I was.
‘Cause who I was before we met was half of who I am,
And who I am with her to love, a much, much better man.

Swarm Update
Hello and Happy Holidays to all,
It's that time of the year again when the joyful spirit of the holiday season has us running mad with last minute shopping, holiday greetings and maxed out credit cards. As for me, I've yet to buy a single gift and most likely won't be getting around to it until the day before Christmas. All this leaves me somewhat envious of Bob who, for the past two years, has successfully and wisely "boycotted" Christmas altogether and consequently avoided the shopping madness that accompanies it. But all Hallmark obligations aside, it is a great time for family and friends and a precious reminder of the often overlooked power of the human spirit.
Wrote W.C. Jones, Christmas is "The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas."

Holiday Showdates:
Friday, December 20th at the Ranch Bowl. ALL AGES.
Saturday, December 21st at the Howard St. 21+
Wednesday, December 25th, Christmas night at the Music Box. 21+

News as of late:
-Thanks to our webmaster, Brian Wetjen, our spankin' new website has just recently been launched so go to www.grasshoppertakeover.com to check it out. Post on the message board, download and watch the music videos, read the bios and much more.
-We're now in the mixdown and final phase of our album and are hoping to have it released sometime in February or March and be on regional and national tour soon after the release.
-T-shirts and IDM CDs are now available to order for $10 each, or $15 for a shirt and CD. Soon there will be pics on the website so you can better choose from the choices of T-shirt designs, but if you would like a shirt pronto, email us through the contact page on our site and we'll get you hooked up.
-There's more, I'm sure, but i'm currently at a loss and starving and breakfast is awaiting me in the other room. To all, Happy Holidays again and thank you for your continued support.
Spread your wings and fly,
grubb / GTO

A poem I wrote this morning...
by curtis grubb

Partly made of dried flower pieces and
smells of turned wine gawking at aged cheese
screams of fauna blowing but yet no wind
and destructive silence in leafless trees.

Parade, parade of floats and flying things
man made, made man auspicious fleeting dreams
last year's fall like none before remembered
bitter cracks and eggshell veils in November.

Worms writhing in visions of Spring rains
without torment and glorious splattered
remains, come God with knifely nail pointing
flies dancing in faces wrought with love.

Pheasant tails pushed through Indian ink
black as sunlight blinding death from lead
Summer knows no mercy like Hell's great show
from concubine littered fields in November.

Omaha Shows With 311
lemme first say thanks to the mad crowds that came out to the shows over the past weekend. we had tons of fun playing for you all as well as hanging out with the 311 boys. we're still recovering from a hazey night after the sokol show as we partied in nick's bus until like 4am drinking jack daniels on the rocks. we got to debut our newest live song, "no pressure," and it was well received. it's prolly going to be our next single for the coming album which we're hoping to have released by july or august of this year. as it stands right now, we have only two more songs to record before heading into production and mix-down. the CD is slated to have 15 new tracks as well as two music videos on CD-rom for our songs "esta vida" and "bonecrusher." we're extremely excited for it to come out. i'm looking forward to it for a variety of reasons but most notably because the new material really demonstrates our evolution and for that i am proud. for die-hard GTO fans, you're gonna love it. i've been typing, answering emails and stuff like this for about 10 hours so i'm gonna cut it short. talk soon, all the best,
curt grubb

Rockin' Riverside
We played with Pomeroy at Abe and Jake's Landing down in Lawrence, KS a couple nights ago and it kicked ass. The club is fairly new to the area and was unlike any we've played in from coast to coast. The building is an old barbwire manufacturing warehouse situated right on the river so it is enormous and super well decorated. It has all these bronze statues and arches 30 feet high, a talking 6 foot 1000 pound frog, a huge dance floor with a killer PA system, and multiple rooms on three floors from a martini bar to a pub to a VIP room. Really cool stuff. One of the bronze statues is of this super hot naked girl with the body and size of Christina Aguilara. All night James couldn't stop talking about how hot the statue was and how he would, if he could, have sex with it. Although he tried, he was unsuccessful in getting any reciprical response. There were about 400 people there. We rocked. Pomeroy rocked. Everyone had a great time and Lawrence music fans are off the hook. Can't wait to do it again.

GTO and LBC Make Sweet Music Together
Over the weekend, Lucky Boys Confusion came into Omaha to play at Sokol Hall. We went and saw them rock, hung out, and had a party afterwards that left us all more than dazed the next morning. LBC's lead singer, Stubhy, flew in a day earlier than the rest of the band so we had some time to chill and play each other music from our forthcoming albums.

We also had the chance to pick up the acoustic and play some tunes we are currently working on. I've been working on this song called "Anytime, anywhere" for a long while now and could not for the life of me get a good second line to the chorus. I played it for Stubhy and asked him if he had any ideas. We worked with it for a short while and out of nowhere he came up with the second line that is now also the new title to the song. "No pressure!" It worked great with the melody i had and now the song is done and ready to record which feels great. Both of us were singing it loud and empowered by the power of creation of music. So, props to Stubhy for helping me finish the tune. Check out LBC through our links page. Great band, great guys. have a good day.
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