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Music Videos
Our two music videos are online and ready for watching! You can watch both BoneCrusher and Esta Vida by clicking the links below.

Esta Vida

Esta Vida
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*videos directed by Chris St. George

See No Evil

EP2: See No Evil
Released on 11/15/05, this is the second in a series of 3 limited edition CDs. Details to come!

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Elephant Dreams Elephant Dreams
Our latest release and the culmination of our efforts over the past two years. This jam-packed 19 track album was released November 26th, 2003 at our sold-out CD release party.
Hear No Evil EP1: Hear No Evil
Released on 8/9/03, this is the first in a series of 3 limited edition CDs featuring 3 brand new songs. ...mmmmyummy.... just a little taste of what's to come on the GTO boys' forthcoming full-length.
Green Album The Green Album
We released this limited edition MP3-only CD at a couple shows as 2001 wrapped up.
Echo Park International Dance Marathon
Released summer 2000, we supported International Dance Marathon by embarking on a nationwide tour.
Echo Park Echo Park
We released this 6-Song EP fall 1999. It paved the way for International Dance Marathon.
Gaia Gaia
Gaia, our second full-length CD, was released summer 1998. We re-recorded a couple favorites and unleashed several new songs on this one.
Grasshopper Takeover Grasshopper Takeover
Our 1997 debut self-titled CD was the culmination of over 1 year of rocking and recording. Several favorites were first released on this disc.
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